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Vento Aureo #30 - Green Day and Oasis - Part 1

Howdy, my small children! Welcome back for this week’s foray into the bizarre world of Jojo. Today we’re going to take a look at Episode #30, “Green Day and Oasis - Part 1”, or “The one where Giorno sticks a hand right into Mista’s pants”.

Let’s get this started!

  • Today’s first thing is this scene, in which the zoom is a little slower and the mold on Narancia’s skin no longer stops animating in the last 20 frames. Check it out:

  • Here, both Buccellati and Mista are looking better, and poor Coco Jumbo now actually looks like a tortoise:

  • Let’s take a look at Cioccolata! Here, he’s sporting his usual green stripe on his nose, and there are two thin white lines on the bottom of his eyes:

  • This brief pew pew animation is brighter…:

  • And this frankly… very strange transition of Mista is brighter and sharper:

  • And this animation of Sticky Fingers appearing is also brighter:
  • Here, Buccellati’s chest, suit and zipper are shaded slightly more, one of the lines on his nose is slightly longer and he’s just AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA:

  • Let’s take a look at the eyecatch, fellas:

  • Here, Sticky Fingers’ arm no longer has those motion lines on it…:

  • And Secco actually punches the wall, in the BD version! Check it out:
  • Moving on… Here, the dashboard is not as bright, the general lighting is slightly darker and Buccellati’s hand injury has been uncensored:

  • Giorno’s mouth, chin and the bottom of his nose have all been raised by like… two pixels, here:

  • Buccellati’s gross hand injury has been uncensored once more here, and most of the bits that were shaded pitch black have been made brighter:

  • Here, the background outside the car windows is darker, Giorno’s hand now casts a shadow on Buccellati’s shoulder and the whole area around it has been shaded more…:

  • …And he also turns around later! But, when he does, Giorno’s hand magically disappears behind the driver’s seat (thanks, Zingiber Piscis!):
  • Here, have another uncensored hand:

  • The background is darker once more, here, and Buccellati’s eyes are different:

  • Giorno’s nose has been retouched, here:

  • Here, have one last uncensored hand, friends:

  • In this hectic scene, the general lighting is darker, the background outside the windows is blurrier and the motion lines on the top and bottom edges of the frame are different:

  • The shading is a tiny bit smoother, here:

  • The animation of this random dude running to his death is brighter and sharper…:
  • And here, the shading is a liiittle bit different and Buccellati has a new spot on the back of his suit:

  • This handsome Mista sliding into frame is now brighter and sharper:

  • In the buildup to the iconic scene you’ve all been waiting for, the top of the frame is much brighter…:

  • And this already fantastic scene is also much better! Check it out:

  • As you can see in the previous comparison, in addition to Mista being redrawn, Giorno’s hand being repositioned in a strictly better position and a darker background, you will notice that whenever the gun is shot, the rest of the background darkens dramatically! That creates a much better effect, in my opinion. Check it out:
  • Here, the bullet and vines are surrounded by an aura:

  • Here, the pattern on Mista’s left arm is better:

  • And here, the usual dot on the back of Buccellati’s suit is… back:

Phew! At last something a little more consistent to sink our teeth into! Still, nothing in comparison to some earlier episodes, but that’ll do for an episode that already looked fantastic in the TV version (in my opinion). Anyhow, I’ll see you here next week for Vento Aureo #31, “Green Day and Oasis - Part 2”! We’re getting closer and closer to the ending…


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