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Vento Aureo #31 - Green Day and Oasis - Part 2

Howdy howdy, fellas! How are things with you on this fine Friday? Welcome back to the blog! Today we’re going to take a look at The Episode With All The Punches, or Vento Aureo #31 “Green Day and Oasis - Part 2”! Shall we begin?

Yes, we shall!

  • Let’s start STRONG with this slightly more zoomed-in of Mama Buccellati getting ruthlessly punched:

  • Here, all the bullets were retouched, and the black shape on Number 6’s forehead has also been filled in:

  • The retouched bullets also look like they’re rotating more, like so:
  • The camera has been moved a little to the left, here:

  • The ladybug on Giorno’s right tiddie has been recoloured towards the top, here:

  • Let’s take a look at the usual eyecatch:

  • Here, the rightmost green line on Cioccolata’s face is less neon-green, specifically the bit that’s out of the shadows:

  • Here, the wind effect is more evident and the mold texture has been redrawn so that it looks better and it also animates more dynamically:

  • And, of course, what y’all have been waiting for! Three of the beatdowns, now significantly brighter and sharper:

  • The ground here has a much darker shading, and is looking generally better (also, it looks more like mud):

  • The ground is looking better once again, here; in addition, most lines on Secco are sliiiightly thicker:

And that concludes today’s very brief post, I’m afraid! Sorry about that, folks. I wish every episode was like “The ‘G’ in Guts”… Well, not really. But you get the point! Anyhow, I will see you next time for Vento Aureo #32, “Green Day and Oasis - Part 3”!

Have a good week in the meantime!

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