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Vento Aureo #29 - Destination - the Colosseo in Roma!

Hello hello, friends, and welcome to your weekly appointment with uncle Jojo and his bizarre comparisons! Today we’re going to take a look at Vento Aureo #29, “Destination - The Colosseo in Roma!”. This is a pretty static episode; the lack of action means that this will inevitably be a shorter comparison.

Well, either way, let’s take a look!

  • Today’s first difference is this scene, in which most lines are slightly thinner (mostly notable on Mista) and the camera shakes a tiiiny bit more (but that’s not really noticeable, not even through a video):

  • Here, the general lighting is a little better and the scene has a different distortion:

  • The previous two differences come together in this scene! Here, most lines are thinner, the general lighting is different and the table in the foreground is darker:

  • Let’s move on to Lazio! Here, KARS IS BACK!!! CHECK IT OUT:

  • Alright, alright, sorry about that. Moving on… Here, the bottom man’s hand shadow is slightly brighter:

  • The sea in the background of this scene is different and blurrier…

  • …And, when Buccellati and Narancia show up, their respective backgrounds are brighter, there is an extra dot on Buccellati’s suit, and the two dividing lines have been redrawn:

  • Here, Cioccolata’s right incisor tooth has been shaded differently and there was previously a very small dot on the old man’s right temple; this has been removed in the BD:

  • And, here, when the old man cries out, a bit of the shading below his eye has been removed:

  • This shot is slightly more zoomed in…:

  • KARS!! AGAIN!!! Also, Narancia’s visor is brighter and its propeller is now slightly more transparent:

  • Both Buccellati and Trish have a different background here, and there are a couple more dots on Buccellati’s suit:

  • Said backgrounds also animate a little! Check it out:
  • Here, Narancia has been moved and… Oh boy, something really nasty had happened with the mold effects in the TV version, huh? Luckily that has been corrected:

  • This scene has been completely recoloured:

And that concludes today’s brief comparison, fellas! Sorry about the slight delay - I was traveling this past weekend, and I didn’t have time to post it. Either way, I hope you had a grand time and I’ll see you next time for Vento Aureo #30, “Green Day and Oasis - Part 1”!

See you at the Colosseo!

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