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Phantom Blood #01 - Dio the Invader

Hello there! Welcome back to JoJo’s Bizarre Comparisons! Today marks a new beginning: starting with this post, I’ll be tackling Phantom Blood. Sit back, buckle up and prepare to delve into the very first episode of our beloved series!

  • Let’s cut to the chase and begin with a rather crude image! This dude has definitely met with a terrible fate:

  • We’re given a more general look of the wreck in this shot, which also has a slightly different shading for George, Dario and (presumably?) Madame Brando’s clothes:

  • And, once again, this poor dude (how the hell did he even manage to end up like that anyway?) has been uncensored and moved a bit to the right; moreover, he’s also been slightly retouched and all the characters in this scene have been reshaded a little bit (thanks, Ziqwerkel Sharda!):

  • In the opening credits, ディレクター (“Director”) has been slightly moved to the right:

  • …And the secon kanji in 製作 (“Production”) has instead been slightly moved to the left (look, I know nobody cares about these things, but I’ve gotta include everything for completeness’ sake!):

  • Now, finally, we have some serious differences! Jonathan and Dio have been completely redrawn in most scenes. Here is the first of them. The clouds in the background have also been moved slightly upwards:

  • Dio joins our little redrawing party and shows up in all his BD glory:

  • Jonathan has been gifted with a more intelligent expression:

  • Here, both Jonathan and Danny’s face have been redrawn:

  • Pretty much everything except the background has been polished here:

  • Dio has a more ominous shading, and has been moved slightly downwards. In addition, the three-mole birthmark on his left ear has been removed, for some reason (maybe forgotten? Anyway, thanks for the spot, YaoiSenpai!):

  • Both Dio and George have been drastically redrawn here:

  • I didn’t think it could have been possible to make Dio even more smug, but David pro actually did it:

  • This scene of Dio grabbing Jonathan’s arm has been entirely redrawn:
  • …As have the subsequent frames:

  • This punching animation is brighter:
  • In the BDs the shading here has been brightened a bit:

  • A couple of frames in the broadcast version of this scene have a blatant error: the previous frame (Jonathan with eyes open) was not cleared, and the new frame (Jonathan with eyes closed) was drawn on top of it. This was corrected in the BDs; the ear was also shadowed and the outline redrawn:

  • The ear again, and the fists have also been redrawn:

  • As usual, this animation is brighter:
  • As is this other brief animation…
  • …And this (very majestic) jacket floating down:
  • This flashback sequence has also been brightened and sharpened:
  • And this punch has been cleaned and slightly redrawn towards the end:
  • Now for a lot of ending credit differences nobody really cares about! In this part here, the left half of the credits have been spaced a bit more:

  • They added “david production” to the top here, under 動画検査 (“In-between animation check”):

  • The second kanji of 仕上 (“Finishing touches”) has been moved slightly farther to the right:

  • Here the credits have been moved to the left:

  • The left part has been raised up a bit, the right part has been moved slightly to the left, and “david production” has been added to the section that was previously named テクスチャーデザイン (“Texture design”) and is now just a general デジタルワークス (“Digital works”); “david production” has also been added to the 3DCGI section:

  • Assistant producer 高野貴志 (Takano Takeshi) has been added to the credits:

  • …As was also 山口貴也 (Yamaguchi Takaya):

  • Finally, in the “Next time” section, the background rhombuses (rhombi?) have been slightly raised:

And that’s it for Episode #01 of Phantom Blood! Whew! That was a lot of changes. Having to deal with this many differences is both exciting and tiring for me, so I think you’ll have to wait a few more days for Episode #02!

Thanks for reading and see you next time!

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