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Diamond Is Unbreakable #06 - Koichi Hirose (Echoes)

Welcome back, everyone! Join me in finding out what hides in Koichi’s egg, and if it’s anything better than what was in Jotaro’s egg in that one terrible Doujin.

  • Throughout all the episode, the kanji on the lock (銭, which indicates small amounts of money) has a very small correction. Japanese 101: most kanji are divisibile in two parts, one that carries the on pronounciation (which is the one it’s used in chinese-derived compounds) and one that gives it the meaning; in this case they are 金 and 戔 (or a simplified version of those two). The top of second one, which in this case is the one that dictates the on pronounciation of the kanji, was mistakenly drawn as if it was two different strokes, as in kanji like 羊, 美, 首, etcetera, while instead it is one straight line from the top with an extra stroke, as in kanji like 式, 武, 代, etcetera. The BDs fixed that:

  • Okuyasu’s right shoulder has the 億 (Billion, it’s also the first kanji of his name, 億泰) kanji written on it. Usually it’s white, but in this shot it was mistakenly colored yellow. This has been corrected in the BDs:

  • In some frames of the scene where Tamami falls to the ground on purpose, his outline has been redrawn:

  • In this scene, Okuyasu’s collar was colored wrong and the dollar sign was missing from his chest:

  • This part has it all: a different background, the usual 銭 kanji redrawn, and the zoom is pulled in closer:
  • 銭 again:

  • The first frame of this animation of Echoes punching Tamami is different:
  • 銭 for the last time:

  • Lastly, this scene has brighter colors:

And that’s all for Episode #06! As of writing, only BD 01 and 02 have been ripped, so you’ll probably have to wait a while for the rest of the episode to be compared, but (as you can see in the <a href=/episodelist/>episode list</a>) I’m intending to do every part, so those will start coming in a while.

See you then!

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