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Diamond Is Unbreakable #05 - the Nijimura Brothers - Part 3

Hey there! Welcome back. Today we’ll take a look at Episode #05, Nijimura Senior’s sad backstory and its *shockingé conclusion. Buckle up and let’s go!

  • The explosion in the beginning is brighter:
  • Nijimura Senior’s regenerating arm has been uncensored (even though there was no blood in the first place):
  • The movement lines in the background are sharper:

  • This animation of RHCP punching through Keicho’s chest has received the usual sharper-and-brighter treatment; moreover, RHCP’s hands are shaded differently:

  • This animation of the socket exploding is brighter:
  • The hand on Jotaro’s hat was slightly off-color for two frames, this has been corrected:

  • This last animation of the phone exploding has been slightly changed:
  • In the ending credits, うすいこうぢ (Usui Kōji)’s name was previously misspelled as こうじ. By the way じ and ぢ are both pronounced “ji”:

That’s it for Episode #05! Some little corrections here and there, nothing too exciting. See you next time for Episode #06!


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