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Diamond Is Unbreakable #04 - the Nijimura Brothers - Part 2

Hi there, and welcome back for a look at the differences in Episode #04! Nothing major this time around, just some blood added here and there, and a couple of slight changes in the end credits. Let’s go!

  • Koichi’s neck wound has been uncensored again:

  • This is a weird thing to write, but in this scene the blood on the ground near Okuyasu’s head has been erased, because of consistency with the following scene:

  • Koichi’s neck wound again:

  • There’s blood on Josuke’s left shoulder:

  • Part of Josuke’s face is covered in blood (it’s more clearly visible in the second couple of screenshots):

  • As usual, Crazy Diamond’s beatdown is sharper and brighter:
  • Koichi now has a cut on his cheek:

  • Once again, more blood on Josuke’s face:

  • 吉本雅一 (Yoshimoto Masakazu) has been removed from the end credits:

  • And here, 姉崎早也花 (Anezaki Kashiwa)’s name was previously misspelled as 早也香. This has been corrected; 暁 (Akatsuki) has also been added, further down:

Aaand that’s it! Mostly blood and cuts, nothing too exciting. Tune in next time as we see what happened to Nijimura senior!


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