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Diamond Is Unbreakable #03 - the Nijimura Brothers - Part 1

What’s up people! Let’s cut to the chase since I doubt anyone even reads these silly blurbs I put on top of every post. It’s Nijimura time, baby. Let’s get right to it.

  • The scene of Keicho shooting Angelo has got brighter whites (I’m noticing this kind of bright scenes usually get dimmed down in the broadcast version, I wonder if there are some laws regulating the brightness of broadcasts in Japan):
  • The neck bit of Angelo has been trimmed, the rock is shaded slightly differently and his hair is a couple of millimeters longer:

  • Josuke has an aura in this scene:

  • Keicho’s eyes have received a snakeskin-like makeover:
  • Bits of Jotaro’s car have been changed from blue to black, and one little bit on the front (near the headlights) was changed from blue to white instead (thanks, glue stick and Cactoni):

  • The zoom has been pulled slightly closer here:
  • Likewise, here Enya’s photo has been centered:

  • Koichi’s neck wound has been uncensored:

  • The animation of Crazy Diamond going back into Josuke is slightly smoother:
  • Okuyasu’s right cheekbone has been redrawn:

  • Josuke has an aura in this scene:

  • Koichi’s neck wound is uncensored again in this scene:

  • In the ending credits, 仕上げ (“Finishing touches”) has been corrected to 仕上; this was not an error, since it can be written both ways, but it was probably done for consistency with the same word, used further down below in the same screenshot:

Alright, this is it for Episode #03! Tune in next time as Keicho gets pummeled by Josuke and Keichi lays an egg!


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