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Diamond Is Unbreakable #02 - Josuke Higashikata! Meets Angelo

Welcome back for Episode #02! Unfortunately I’ve lost the cached copies of the previous blog entries, so you’ll have to excuse some differences in the way I’ll talk about the frames and whatnot, since I honestly can’t remember the exact phrasing I used there.

The frames themselves, however, will be more or less the same, since thankfully those were safely stored on my HDD. Without further ado then, let’s go!

  • This scene of Angelo biting the dog’s face is uncensored:

  • Likewise, the BD has this dude dying in all its glory:

  • I’m not sure why, but in the opening, the sign behind Josuke has been changed (it was changed in the TV version as well, from Episode #07 onwards): where it first read “Doradoradora” (ドラドラドラ) it now reads “Dorarara!” (ドラララ!):

  • Uncensored mom penetration:

  • Josuke’s score in “Oh! That’s A Baseball ‘99” has been rebalanced:

  • This animation of Crazy Diamond is sharper and brighter:
  • A slight animation mistake resulted in a couple of frames in which the background was visible on top of Jotaro. This has been fixed in the BDs:

  • This horizontal pan has been slightly zoomed in:
  • As with all the beatdown animations, Crazy Diamond punching Angelo has been sharpened and made brighter:
  • Josuke’s mouth flap has been slightly changed here:
  • 猿田涼 has been added to the end credits:

As you might have noticed from the last frame comparison, the TV and BD versions are overall different: this is because the version of the ending they broacast in Episode #02 was still a rough, unfinished version, which was changed from Episode #03 onwards, and in the BDs as well. You can see a comparison in this video:

Alright, that’s it for Episode #02! Tune in next time as we take a look at everyone’s favourite dysfunctional family!


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