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Phantom Blood #02 - a Letter From the Past

Welcome back! Today we’ll take a look at Episode #02 of Phantom Blood. A treacherous poisoning is uncovered, a lifelong friend is met, an alliance is forged! This is gonna be a long one. Let’s dive right into it!

  • In the pre-opening scene, the BDs give us a nice bit of introduction as to what we’re seeing. 1888, London, East End:

  • Here we have the first bit of uncensored gore for this episode (they also toned down on the shadows):

  • And here as well:

  • The reflection on Jack the Ripper’s blade is shorter (I know, I know, who cares):

  • This shot of the daily newspaper has an added vignette:

  • Aaaand here come the redraws! Let’s begin with Dio in this shot:


  • The scratch pattern they’ve put in this scene is slightly different in the BDs:

  • Dio has been redrawn, and the interviewers’ eyeballs have been shaded:

  • The strokes in this shot are way thicker:

  • “Those are some very nice arrows” “Oh, thank you” “Why though?” “I’m not sure”:

  • Dio and Jonathan are both redrawn in these shots:

  • George is not immune to the redrawings. If you look close enough even the bed has a thicker outline:

  • Sneaky Dio is not sneaky enough to get past David pro’s redrawing pencils:

  • The BDs give Jonathan a sharper shade of surprise:

  • Dio no longer looks as if he has no idea what’s going on:

  • This whole animation has been redrawn, and the background is blurrier (I’ve also added an image comparison because this is a particularly huge redraw):

  • Dio has been redrawn here:

  • The BD tells us that this was “Two days later, London”:

  • Thankfully Jonathan’s face in this scene was redrawn:

  • This animation is slightly brighter and uncensored:
  • This other one has been uncensored (and I honestly don’t get why it was in the first place):
  • As was this other animation (if you look closely, you can see that the dude walking in the foreground has also been moved slightly to the left):
  • And another one:
  • We interrupt this stream of gory uncensored animations to bring you some breaking news! The shoe in the bottom left corner is for some reason brighter (riveting, huh?):

  • Alright, let’s go back to the interesting stuff:
  • Now you can see this dude’s messed up hand in all its g(l)ory:
  • The thunders in this scene are brighter:
  • And now for some good ol’ credit mistakes! Speedweed’s voice actor (Ueda Yōji) was previously misspelled as 上田耀司, while instead it’s 上田燿司; if you don’t see anything different, here it is: the second to last kanji is not 耀, but 燿. Small difference, but still:

  • Not one, but two misspelled names: both 辻秀一 (Tsuji Shūichi) and 辻健志 (Tsuji Kenji)’s surnames (辻) apparently only have one “drop” on the left side:

  • And finally, here 小松原聖 (Komatsubara Kiyoshi)’s name is spaced differently; since in japanese three-kanji surnames are somewhat rarer, I suppose they chose to put a clearer separation between the surname and the name, to avoid confusions:

And that’s it for Episode #02! Man, David production really redrew a lot of things for Phantom Blood. The more we go on, the less things I’m expecting to get redrawn, honestly. But we’ll see, I guess!

That’s it for now; you take care and see you next time! Bye!

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