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Phantom Blood #03 - Youth With Dio

Hello there! Welcome back for another healthy dose of redrawn Jonathans and Dios. Remind me, did I say that the last episode was “a long one”? Did I really? How foolish I was. This is the real deal. 198 images and 36 videos. I hope this doesn’t mess up your pc! Let’s go!

  • Here we have our first serving of Dio 2.0:

  • And Jonathan as well (yeah, he was really drawn that way):

  • Speedwagon joins the fray, and shows off his shiny new handsome face:

  • Dio’s plea is even less convincing in the BDs:

  • In this scene Dio’s face has been redrawn and the mask has a different shading:

  • Here everything has an added texture on top, the backgrounds are darker and Jonathan’s enormous chin has been reduced:

  • This bit here has been brightened:
  • And this brief animation of Jonathan holding George’s dying body is now shaking, has added textures, a better shading and less goofy expressions:

  • This animation of Dio 『TRANSCENDING HUMANITY』 has different light effects, a differently coloured onomatopoeia and some other things:
  • That huge ass chunk of glass in the top left corner has been removed in the BDs:

  • Speedwagon and that dude in the back have been redrawn:

  • Here the background has been slightly moved, and the zoom is pulled very slightly out:

  • In this scene, Jonathan is less “who is this old man and what is he doing in my arms” and more “Oh God, why have you done this to me?”. George has also been redrawn:

  • The background in this bit is blurrier:

  • Speedwagon is no longer composed exclusively of sharp angles:

  • This shot is brighter:

  • This dude losing his head has been uncensored:

  • The lightning is way more dramatic in the BDs:
  • And the freeze-frame that goes right into the mid-episode eyecatch has been recoloured, and the shadows are drawn differently:

  • We return from the ad break to a very pleasant sight, now uncensored:

  • The three policemen’s shading is less soft in the BDs:

  • Everyone’s face has been retouched in this shot:

  • Here vampire Dio has been moved and resized (see Jonathan’s hair for scale):

  • This scene has been uncensored, and the ズギン ズギュン onomatopoeia has been textured:

  • Here, there are more blood splashes, the speedlines are darker and the severed arm has been uncensored (even though the stump was not visible):

  • And this scene (which I though was a bit confusing with all the censoring) is finally more understandable:
  • In this shot here, some of the severed body parts have been uncensored, and overall the shadows have been made brighter:

  • Here, the trippy background has been slightly redrawn (each purple swirl now has a black outline), and the usual scratch texture has been applied to Jonathan:

  • The flashbacks have been redrawn and/or uncensored as the respective scenes were in the episode itself:

  • In this couple of very minor redraws, the BDs added a shadow on Jonathan’s shoulder and removed one on his cheek:

  • Jonathan’s face has been redrawn here:

  • This scene has been uncensored, and Jonathan’s face redrawn:

  • Another bit of uncensored gore:
  • And Dio who shows us what he has learned from his previous encounter with the drunkard’s zombie:
  • Same as before, plus a slight shift in the background:

  • This frame has been redrawn, and you might think “Wow come on, that’s just a transition frame”, but no. No. It was on screen for exactly 24 frames, which at the 23.976 fps framerate Jojo runs at, is slightly more than a full second:

  • Here the hand has been uncensored again, the scene is overall brighter, Dio’s mouth has been redrawn and the zoom has been pulled slightly out:

  • Here the background has been blurred and the framing is overall different:

  • Dio’s right ear has been drawn here:

  • Dio’s eye is more DEMONIC!! and brighter:

  • Less shading here:

  • Dio has been slightly moved to the right:

  • JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Blu-Ray Discs: now with better fire™: from here onwards, every scene containing fire has been redone. The fire itself is redrawn, they added that ondulating blur caused by the heat refracting light irregularly, there are more burning particles, the scenes are usually brighter and the shadows are different. I am going to show you every one of those occurrences, but I’ll not point out every time what is different, just keep in mind that it’s going to be along the lines of what I just listed here:

  • This scene of Dio burning has been drawn differently (notice in particular the flames around the wound in his cheek):

  • Here, other than the usual fire-related things, the zoom is a bit wider:

  • And you can actually make out what’s going on here:

  • This scene of Speedwagon flying away to reach his dreams has way more fire particles, and the framing is slightly shifted:

  • Fire again:

  • Fire! To destroy all you’ve done:

  • Fire! To end all you’ve become:

  • even_speedwagon_is_on_fire.jpg:

  • Jonathan finally learned how to use his eyes:

  • I went down, down, down/And the flames went higher:

  • And it burns, burns, burns/The ring of fire, the ring of fire:

  • This scene here has a sharper background and the usual texture layer:

  • The texture again, and a slight zoom:

  • As in Episode #01, this flashback sequence has been brightened (this is especially evident in the white-outs):
  • And this part here is brighter:

  • In this scene Jonathan has been completely redrawn, the angle has been moved and the background is blurrier and slightly shifted:

  • Come on baby, light my fire/Try to set the night on fire:

  • There and back again:

  • This animation has been uncensored:
  • In this shot Dio’s face has been shaded differently, and there are more random fires passing by in the background:

  • Here they added some wind effects:

  • …And the usual fire makeover:

  • I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter:

  • Everything is blurrier here:

  • As you can see from this comparison, from here onwards the ending credits have been removed: that’s because in the BDs they added the Roundabout ending as normal; this results in the BD version of this episode lasting 90 seconds more than the TV version:

  • The scene of Dio being impaled on the statue has been uncensored (and the fire effects are, as usual, been redrawn):

  • Here the scene is brighter and the fire has been redrawn:

  • Here Speedwagon has a new face and by now I’m pretty sure you’re getting sick of hearing about how the fire has been redrawn:

  • Aaaand we conclude this humongous post with a hearwarming family picture, now drawn better:

Holy hell, this took a long time! I hope the endless talks about fire particles and the couple of silly lyrics hasn’t bored you to death! Thankfully we won’t have another fire episode until… Episode #09, if I remember correctly. Anyway, thank you all for reading and have a nice day!

See you next time!

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