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Phantom Blood #04 - Overdrive

Hey hey hey, welcome back! Are you ready for another episode full of very minor changes? Well I hope you are, or you’re in the wrong place! This is another long one. Let’s go!

  • Let’s begin with a minor redraw in Jonathan and Erina’s faces:

  • Thankfully Jonathan was completely redrawn in this shot:

  • This scene is shaded differently and has the usual additional texture layer:

  • Same as the above here, plus a healthy dose of uncensored gore:

  • Again as before, darker shadows and texture here:

  • Zeppeli and Jonathan have been redrawn and Zeppeli is no longer a tiny man:

  • And their faces have more details:

  • The sea in Zeppeli’s flashback has been redrawn:

  • Again Zeppeli and Jonathan have been redrawn and… Seriously, look at that tiny Zeppeli. Look at him. He’s adorable:

  • Zeppeli’s face has been redrawn to be less pouty:

  • And here practically everything has been redrawn (notice the added particles to the Hamon):

  • This animation has more light effects and a vignette:
  • Zep and Jo have once again been redrawn here:

  • These actual pictures of a giant baby deer about to be ran over by a truck have received a slightly better shading in the BDs:

  • Jonathan and Uncle Weedspagon have been completely redrawn here:

  • Here they removed the shade on Jonathan’s cheek, recoloured part of his hat and opened his mouth way more when he talks (and of course, his jaw and neck are slightly redrawn as well):

  • Everything. Just everything:

  • The lighting is so much more dramatic in this shot, there’s the usual added texture and the horse necks are very slightly uncensored:

  • And again here as before, but the uncensoring is more prominent, and the background is more vivid:
  • From here onwards, we have something similar to last episode’s fire scenes; everything that happens in this tunnel has a different lighting and shading, different colours and more contrast (and sometimes the usual texture layer); I’m not gonna repeat what’s different for each case, just refer to the description I’ve given here. Here’s the first occurrence:

  • This scene is uncensored and has the usual tunnel effects:

  • Same business here, plus Jonathan has been slightly redrawn:

  • And another uncensored animation here, as Jack the Ripper crawls out of that poor horse’s neck (in the still you can see that the background has also been slightly shifted):

  • Another case of tunnel syndrome:

  • Here (other than the usual tunnel lighting differences) the zoom is pulled a little closer and Jack’s positioning is slightly different. The knife also gleams, towards the end:
  • Tunnel lighting tunnel lighting:

  • Most of this scene of Jack stabbing himself in the cheek has been redrawn, uncensored, re-positioned and re-shadowed:

  • Welcome to the Darkest Dungeon:

  • Uncensored, but still very dark:

  • Again, the horse neck has been uncensored and this whole scene has received tunnel shading:

  • And here the same thing, plus a very small drawing error (Jonathan’s mouth) has been fixed. Zeppeli’s cheek is also slightly retouched:

  • This bit has the usual shading difference, and the horse corpses (horpses?) have been uncensored:
  • A smattering of different shading for you:

  • Jack has been redrawn here, and the background has been moved slightly:

  • Jonathan is completely redrawn here (look at those lips!):

  • Dramatic shadows again!:

  • A Brand New Jack™:

  • This beautiful knife ballerina has received the tunnel treatment; plus there’s slightly more blood:

  • But this Zeppeli is not afraid:

  • His wine Hamon Cutters have been completely redrawn and are now way flashier (in the second comparison Jack’s knife pieces have also been moved):

  • Here Jonathan and Speedwagon no longer make the D: face; Zeppeli’s also been slightly redrawn:

  • Every single eye in this shot has been redrawn; Zeppeli’s nose and mouth have been retouched as well:

  • These two scenes are static in the TV version, but in the BDs have a slight zoom in:
  • Usual shading/color/contrast treatment here:

  • Here, Zeppeli and the background have been moved:

  • The usual shading thing:

  • Zeppeli and Jack both have been slightly redrawn here:

  • Tunnel Vision Engaged:

  • They really amped up that knife flash in the BDs!:

  • Here the zoom has been pulled out (and they drew that distinctive cheek line):

  • And here he’s been completely redrawn:

  • Here Zeppeli and Speedwagon’s faces have been slightly retouched, and the wall colour is more muted:

  • In the BDs the effect for the Hamon has been redrawn, and it’s subtler and a bit cooler (in my opinion); the framing in the second comparison is also a bit different:

  • Jack’s death is… Yeah. Different:
  • And now for some credits differences! Let’s begin with a minor one; in the BDs they added Erina’s surname (Full name in katakana: エリナ・ペンドルトン):

  • Here the “modeling” in “3D modeling” (3Dモデリング) has been scaled down, and the last line has been placed slightly lower:

  • Production manager 熊田圭介 (Kumada Keisuke) has been added to the credits:

  • And finally, Animators 糸井恵 (Itoi Megumi), 宝谷幸稔 (Hōtani Yukitoshi), 横山謙次 (Yokoyama Kenji) and 亀井隆広 (Kamei Takahiro) have been added to the credits, and the rest have been rearranged accordingly:

Oh boy, another very long one! I miss the days in which an episode had 10, maybe 20 differences… Nah, I’m just kidding. I love doing this thing. By the way, you might (hopefully) have noticed some smoother scrolling: I’ve changed the way in which this site plays the .webms. Previously I (very stupidly) wrote this blog so that every .webm was loaded at the beginning and then as soon as it was ready, it began to autoplay infintely. This is a very dumb idea because it overloads the page with a ton of things it can’t even see! So I inserted a very small javascript code which only autoplays .webms if they are in view, and then stops when they get out of the screen. This has the added benefit that all of the webms that will have loaded off-screen will now be synchronized, since they will come into view and start playing at the same time! The credit for that very nice snippet of code goes to this page, so check that out if you’re interested.

Alright, see you next time! Bye!

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