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Diamond Is Unbreakable #07 - Toshikazu Hazamada (Surface)

Welcome back! Today we’re finally going back to Diamond is Unbreakable! I have to say it’s weird covering Part 4 episodes after all this time, since the differences here are so marginal and so few, compared to Phantom Blood. This episode in particular is going to be very light on comparisons, but I hope I’ll still be able to interest you in giving it a read. Let’s go!

  • In this shot, the BDs filled in some missing shadows in Tamami’s cheek and neck. They also changed the shading in his earrings (see second comparison):

  • Here, Koichi and the door he’s laying on have been made bigger:

  • Starting from this shot, they added a wound in Josuke’s cheek (it was missing in the TV version):

  • His profile has also been redrawn, and Koichi has been moved slightly down:

  • Josuke’s wonky leg has been 「fixed」, and parts of his face and hair have been redrawn:

  • Some bits in Yukako’s hair and face have been retouched here:

  • Here they added the usual cheek wound, and slightly retouched Josuke’s right eye and nose:

  • These transition lines are brighter in the BDs:
  • As before, they added Josuke’s cheek wound and retouched his eyes:

  • Fauxsuke’s chopped hand has been uncensored and made less translucent:

  • This walking animation is way less static:
  • This bit was for some reason darker in the TV version; this has been fixed in the BDs:
  • Once again they added Josuke’s cheek wound:

  • They closed Josuke’s mouth in this part in which he steals Jotaro’s pen right out of his goddamn pocket without Jotaro even batting an eyelid (the ol’ cheek wound is also there):

  • And one very small credit difference: BE THO and VAN BINH’s names have been slightly moved to the left, so that they are in line with the others:

And that’s it for Episode #07. Nothing major, I’m afraid, even though there were some scenes I thought needed some retouching… Oh well! Hopefully we’ll get something more for Yukako Yamagishi is in Love Part 2. Tune in (probably) tomorrow for Episode #08!


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