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Vento Aureo #16 - the Grateful Dead - Part 2

Welcome back, friends! How about we conclude this glorious week with a third comparison, hm? Let’s take a look at Vento Aureo #16, “The Grateful Dead - Part 2”, shall we?

Let’s go!

  • Today’s first difference is this blurry corpse of a poor innocent passenger, who only appears in a grand total of four (uncensored) frames:

  • Here, Prosciutto’s hand has been drawn completely and his fingers no longer disappear on the other side of the zipper; in addition, the whole hand, sleeve and surrounding area have been shaded a little differently:

  • This bit here has better contrast:

  • For some reason, the clouds in this scene have been moved:

  • Here, Pesci’s bandaged hand has been moved so that it’s correctly between the pole and the string, and in some frames it’s been retouched as well:

  • And once again here, plus the Beach Boy pole has been slightly reshaded as well:

  • Have one last repositioned hand here:

  • Here, the ripple effect where Beach Boy enters the door has been retouched, and the shadow cast by that dude’s hand is not as dark:

  • For a single frame, the TV version of this scene had TWO MOUTHS on the aforementioned dude. Freaky! Thankfully it’s been corrected:

  • Here, Pesci’s tear colouring no longer lag behind the outlines:

  • Here, Pesci’s shadow has been corrected (it no longer has that weird white outline where the shadow meets the coloured bits), and the shading on his eggplant hair has been retouched too:

  • Let’s take a look at the brighter eyecatch for today’s episode:

  • Here, this scene of poor Prosciutto has a different tint, to match the correct time of day, and his shoe has been slightly retouched:

  • This brief animation is brighter and sharper:
  • The colouring of this scene has also been changed, so that it looks more like it takes place during the afternoon. Lookin’ good, Pesci:

  • Here… Whew! There’s a whole bunch of differences here, my friends! Let’s go through them one by one. The time of day has been changed again; the hills in the background have been redrawn and are now much less generic; the clouds in the sky are very different; the two middle carriages of the train have been retouched so that they don’t look different from the others; Prosciutto has been moved; the head of the train, the rails and the train underbelly are all looking a little different as well; there are less grit particles flyring all around, and lastly, in the TV version there was a small black line protruding from the train, and that’s been removed from the BD version. Phew! That should be all. Check it out:

  • This brief scene is brighter:

  • For some reason, the top half of this scene was a little too bright and washed out in the TV version; this has been fixed:

  • Here, another bunch of small details are different; most notably, BUCCELLATI’S SECOND RIGHT HAND HAS BEEN FLIPPED ONCE AGAIN! I see a pattern here…:

  • Here, the Beach Boy string in the foreground is blurrier:

  • Pesci has received the Prosciutto treatment here, and he’s now sporting a new aura and a slightly different colouring:

  • The Buccellati pieces are now emitting Spirit Dust™ here:

  • This scene is… darker and sharper?:
  • While this is BRIGHTER and sharper (and too brief to make an animation out of):

  • Sticky Fingers’ colour scheme has been changed here, and the texture overlay is also different; the background has also been slightly recoloured, and the metal spikes on his head are looking shinier too:

  • I love it! Let’s watch it in motion, just because:
  • For some reason, Trish’s head has been slightly retouched in two frames of this animation; it doesn’t make that much of a difference, in my opinion, but sure:

  • This beatdown is brighter…:
  • And this is brighter AND sharper:
  • Let’s conclude this post with a second eyecatch:

And that’s it for today’s comparison, and for this prolific week of posts! I hope you enjoyed this barrage of comparisons, friends - I had a lot of time on my hands, and I wanted to crunch these bad boys in order to get to episode #17, the first one I’m really looking forward to! I haven’t taken a look at it yet though, so I’m not saying that the next episode will be heavily retouched or anything… I’m just hoping! And on that note… See you next time for Vento Aureo #17, “Baby Face”!


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