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Vento Aureo #17 - Baby Face

Hello again, friends and newcomers! We are gathered here today to take a look at Vento Aureo #17, “Baby Face”, and at how David Production decided to make this episode better. Unfortunately, it’s not as long a comparison as I would have hoped for, but I re-watched the episode recently and it wasn’t even that bad? So, let’s dive in!

  • Let’s begin this with this scene! Melone and his ugly early 2000s laptop have both been slightly re-shaded, the laptop’s keyboard area has also been redrawn, and Melone’s forehead is no longer completely lost to shadows:

  • Thank you Araki for this disgusting thing:

  • Moving on - in this scene, some of Mista’s Sex Pistols glitch out when he punches that poor lorry driver; that’s been fixed:

  • The telephone cord now actually ends up in the actual phone body, here:

  • Let’s take a look at the eyecatch:

  • Here, during what was perhaps Mama Buccellati’s lowest point in the show, the edges of the frame are less blurry, his head has been retouched and the inside of the zipper toilet is a little brighter. Towards the end, his suit pattern has also been retouched:

  • This scene is a little more zoomed-in and distorted:

  • Here, Giorno’s aura no longer stops at his ankles, and it’s less neon-bright:

  • Giorno’s looking much better here (but they haven’t fixed the misspelled word in the background - it should have been “tartaruga”, not “tartagura”):

  • Giorno’s foot has been uncensored, here (EW! ARE THOSE HIS BONES?):

  • This is someone’s fetish:

  • Let’s move to the credits (I know… That was quick!). Here, 銀 (“Gin”, I guess?) has been added on the right:

  • And here, 宮里和誉 (Miyazato Kazunori)’s name has been removed and the rest moved around:

And that’s it for today, I’m afraid! Not much to report… If I remember correctly, however, next episode should be juicier! Meet me here next time for Vento Aureo #18, “Head to Venezia!”, will ya?

See you on the bridge to Venice!

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