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Vento Aureo #15 - the Grateful Dead - Part 1

Hello again, friends! Long time no see! Shall we dive right into this comparison, then? Welcome to Episode #15, “The Grateful Dead - Part 1”!

  • Let’s start with this beautiful shot of Pesci, now slightly uncensored:

  • And let’s whizz right to the eyecatch:

  • In several scenes, Prosciutto has an aura, and his colours are slightly darker and pinker:

  • I’m afraid it’s already time for the credits, friends… Let’s see what we have! Here, the last line (narration) has been removed, and the rest moved down:

  • Here, like in the last episode, 松尾優 (Matsuo Yū) has been added under designer 鬼窪浩久 (Onikubo Hirohisa), in 銀 (I’m guessing this person just goes by “Gin”?)’s place. 銀’s name has, in turn, been moved to the right instead:

  • And here, the last three names of the first section have been removed, and the rest has been moved around to accomodate:

And there you have it, good people! Sorry once again about today’s short posts, but I hope that I was able to make up for it somewhat by making two instead of one. Quantity over quality, am I right? Well, in any case, I’ll see you next time for Vento Aureo #16, “The Grateful Dead - Part 2”!


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