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Vento Aureo #14 - the Firenze-Bound Super Express

Hello hello, good people! Welcome back to this blog. Today is a very merry day indeed, because I found a new flat in Vienna!! Therefore I will treat you all to not one, but two comparisons! Granted, they’re not particularly long or eventful, but that’s all I got to offer to you, brothers and sisters. I hope that’s something!

Shall we start?

  • Today’s first comparison starts with this scene of brother Prosciutto strutting his stuff through Napoli Centrale. In some frames, his left shoulder wasn’t completely drawn in; this has been fixed in the BDs:

  • In some frames of this sequence, the shading and colours on Giorno’s neck are a little different out; this has been fixed in the BDs as well:

  • This choo choo sequence is brighter and sharper (especially towards the end):

  • Let’s take a look at the eyecatch for this episode:

  • Here, Mista’s penis hat pattern has been fixed:

  • Let’s move straight to the credits, where STUDIO MASSKET’s name has been written in romaji (again, see Episode #11):

  • The same applies here, and in addition to the same STUDIO MASSKET change, 鬼窪浩久 (Onikubo Hirohisa)’s name has once again been shifted a little to the left and 松尾優 (Matsuo Yū) has been added right under:

  • Have another couple of re-typed STUDIO MASSKETs:

And that concludes this week’s episode! But don’t cry, friend; don’t be sad! Episode #15, “The Grateful Dead - Part 1” is right here, ready for you! Is it long? No! Is it particularly interesting? Also no, probably! But it’s a comparison!

See you there!

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