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Vento Aureo #11 - Narancia's Aerosmith

Hello hello, good folks! Welcome back to our weekly-ish appointment. Are you ready to delve into today’s episode? Are you ready to take apart Vento Aureo #11, “Narancia’s Aerosmith”, and examine it more closely than you ever thought was possible - or necessary? Of course, of course you are!

Let’s get this started then, shall we?

  • Let’s get this party going with a video of Narancia’s Aerosmith visor. In the BDs the shot is static:
  • Here, in David Production’s rendition of that classic Monty Python scene, the shadow beneath the shoe is darker and the background is a lot blurrier:

  • And here, in Narancia’s flashback, his mother is no longer breathing quite that hard:
  • In this scene, there is a different distortion around the edges, and Narancia’s shirt is no longer striped (as it should have been):

  • And here, the kid on the right now stops before stealing the last bread from the bakery! How kind-hearted:

  • Here, Narancia’s teeth have been shaded at the sides…:

  • … and they’ve been coloured in correctly here:

  • Here, the interrogation room now has a chair (!!), the old lady’s expression is very different, the detective has been moved a little to the right and his eyes have a deeper shadow over them:

  • The whole action takes place a little more to the right, as you can see here:

  • In this sequence, Narancia’s shadow was glitching out a little in some frames; this has been fixed in the BDs:

  • In this flashback, that turbodouche’s hair is noticeably blonder:

  • Narancia no longer shakes here. Good on you, boy:
  • Here, the aforementioned turbodouche has been redrawn and re-shaded:

  • And he also moves off-screen a little quicker:

  • Here, Narancia’ shocked eye has been shaded a little differently, and the second line from the right on his nose is a little thicker. WOW!!! Check it out:

  • Here, Narancia no longer does that janky motion to retrieve what was basically the same piece of food he was already eating, but instead he simply munches on what he has in his hand:
  • Here, the plate of spaghetti has been redrawn, and now actually looks like the same food that was shown in previous shots:

  • Here there are a bunch less dots on Buccellati’s suit, and the shading behind Narancia’s pillows is darker:

  • Here, Narancia’s eyes have been very slightly retouched (look at the darker shade of purple), and he’s no longer sporting that very anime drop on his right cheek:

  • And, later in the same shot, Buccellati’s hand has been flipped (as he was actually pointing with his left hand, not his right):

  • Narancia now has his good ol nose lines in this shot:

  • Back to the present! Here, most shaded bits are blacker, and his eyebrows are also darker towards the center:

  • And towards the end, his neck and the rightmost… ball??? on his suit are correctly shaded:

  • And here, once again, Narancia has found his bravery and is no longer shaking:
  • This whole sequence has been given a fresh paint of purple and a brand new texture layer overlay! Check it out:

  • Here, the lines on the bottle are a little less blurry, and the bottle itself has been moved:

  • This very brief sequence is brighter, but it’s too short to make an animation out of! Here, have some frames:

  • The lines on Narancia are a little bit thicker here, and the background no longer moves with the action:

  • Here, some of the legs of this spider have been redrawn, and the web motion has also been massively retouched:

  • Narancia is now casting a shadow, and his shoulders are now shaking:

  • And here’s the eyecatch! Take a peek:

  • Here, this shot is a little more zoomed-in, and the holes (and relative smoke) have been moved as well:

  • The shape of the fire has been retouched a little bit here:

  • This whole bit is brighter and sharper:
  • Here, the floating fire particles have been moved around a little bit, and Narancia’s… skirt? has been shaded a little differently too:

  • Another brighter and sharper animation of Aerosmith, ladles and jelly spoons:
  • Here, Narancia has received a different hue (looks great!) and both the smoke on his left and explosion on his right have been retouched a tad:

  • The smoke behind him has been retouched once again:

  • And again here! As you can see, it wasn’t really looping properly - it’s looking better in the BDs:
  • A single tiny line on Narancia’s left cheekbone area is looking a little different. See if you can spot it:

  • The smoke billows differently in the BD again, towards the end:
  • And again here. Have two more better-looping smoke scenes:
  • This Aerosmith barrage is now quicker, and the animation holds a little more on the bullet-ridden Formaggio. You know… Like… A Swiss cheese…:
  • Here, Narancia has been scaled down (how topical!), and Formaggio’s head is a little darker:

  • Going back to the rest of the gang… Here, both Giorno and Abbacchio have been retouched:

  • Here, in this scene of Mista interrupting the two lovers, the insides of the van are a little darker:

  • Here, Mista’s forehead has been shaded better, his mouth has been retouched in some frames and his hand is now casting a shadow. A shadow that, in fact, even cancels out the lines on the van door… But that’s alright, David Pro. That’s alright. Check it:

  • In this very dramatic compilation of face shots, that one bit under Fugo’s eye has been shaded properly, and Narancia’s shot no longer has that brighter triangle in the bottom-right corner:

  • Here, some dots on Buccellati’s suit have been repositioned, and the interiors of the van are once more darker:

  • Once again, Buccellati’s suit pattern has been retouched:

  • Let’s quickly take a look to the credits, before wrapping up this uncharacteristically lengthy comparison! Here, STUDIO MASSKET’s name, previously written in katakana, has been rewritten in romaji, and DOOG WOOD has been once again spelled correctly:

Phew! And that’s officially it for this long, difference-ridden comparison! That was a fun one, wasn’t it? I hope you had a good time, friends, and apologies for the slightly late post. You know how things are by now… See you here next week for Vento Aureo #12, “The Second Orders from the Boss”!

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