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Vento Aureo #10 - La Squadra Esecuzioni

Hello again! Funny how quickly time passes sometimes, huh? Well, let’s get straight to the meat of this - it’s Vento Aureo #10, “La Squadra Esecuzioni”!

  • The first difference in this episode is Buccellati’s suit, once again corrected in the shoulders area:

  • Here, Formaggio has been moved a few pixels up and to the right:

  • And the frame now shakes towards the end! Check it out:
  • This animation here is brighter and sharper…:
  • And this other bit is MUCH brighter:

  • In this Squadra flashback, Formaggio is now casting an accurate shadow on the brick wall on the left:

  • Here’s the usual mid-episode eyecatch:

  • Here, the O ball on Risotto’s hat thingy has been redrawn correctly (it previously spelled “RISOTTC”):

  • And again here… Plus, a bunch of shades on his neck area are looking better:

  • And one last O ball here, with a slightly redone shading:

  • In this sequence, Melone’s visible eye has been recoloured:

  • And here we have perhaps the uncensored bit for which I’ve been the most excited about since I started this blog! I actually did not even think this bit needed an uncensoring, but it’s looking even more sensational in the BDs. Feast your eyes on poor Sorbet:

  • Here, the I ball was changed to S (it’s RISOTTO, not RSSOTTO):

  • Here, Formaggio’s face has some extra shading on the right:

  • This bit of Aerosmith shooting is brighter and sharper…:
  • Another brief and bright Formaggio bit here:

  • And one last brighter Aerosmith for the road… I actually think this is exactly the same video from before mirrored horizontally:

And that’s it for today! I hope you had fun with today’s double comparison, but don’t get too used to it! I’ll see you next time with the comparison for Vento Aureo #11, “Narancia’s Aerosmith”!


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