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Vento Aureo #05 - Find Polpo's Hidden Treasure!

Hello hello, good friends! Are you doing okay? I wonder how many people even read these dumb things I write at the top! Today we’re going to take a quick look at episode #05, “Find Polpo’s Hidden Treasure!”

Let’s get going!

  • Today’s first difference is a very brief brighter bit, but it’s so brief that it’s better shown with a single frame:

  • Let’s move on to this other seminal scene, which will have a bunch of different aspects to compare. First off, Abbacchio’s “A” medallion thingie he has on his waist has been slightly retouched, and Mista is looking a little better in a lot of places:

  • Abbacchio now actually drinks his tea instead of just sitting there looking catatonic:
  • And Fugo’s mouth has also been retouched here and there:

  • The teapot lid has been removed here, to facilitate the preparation of the world-famous Abbacchio Tea:

  • Fugo’s tie has been actually coloured in here:

  • Giorno’s nose no longer sports a pink line throughout, here:

And that’s it for today, unfortunately! Another strong episode, inevitably resulting in a shorter comparison. I hope you’ll join me next week for episode #06, “Moody Blues’ Counterattack”!


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