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Vento Aureo #03 - Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall

Ahoy, people! As the week ends, the time of the comparison draws near… Today we’re going to take a look at a very quick one, Vento Aureo #03, “Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall”!

  • The first difference of today are Polpo’s fingers, uncensored in this bit in which he does this really unexplicable thing:

  • Yum! Moving on, here’s the obligatory brighter and sharper eyecatch:

  • These two animations of Gold Experience making a snake out of electricity are also brighter and sharper:
  • And here, for some reason, they got Animation director 木下由衣 (Kinoshita Yui)’s name was completely wrong (木下千恵, Kinoshita Chie). This has been corrected in the BD:

And that’s it for episode #03! See you next time… Or in a few seconds, for episode #04, “Gang Enrollment”!


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