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Vento Aureo #04 - Gang Enrollment

Hello again! Fancy seeing you here, huh? Well, let’s continue where we left off, and let’s dive right into Vento Aureo #04, “Gang Enrollment”!

  • Today’s first difference is… Something new from the opening? Huh! As I mentioned before, The OP they used in episodes #02 and #03 was temporary, and it had a couple of things that were fixed in the “final” version from episode #04 onwards. Well, the final version also dimmed another sequence that was brighter in the preliminary version; this has, of course, been made brighter again in the BD:
  • Let’s move on to the actual episode! For exactly one frame, this shaking animation of Black Sabbath was shaken… too much! You can see it from the top of the frame, in which the smoke effects coming off of Black Sabbath only reached a certain bit. The BD version fixes that, by zooming in just the right amount:

  • This bit of Gold Experience mudakicking Black Sabbath has been made satisfyingly brighter and sharper:
  • As has this one (even more satisfying):
  • Nice! Let’s take a look at the eyecatch, now:

  • This scene of Giorno bullying Koichi is now slightly more zoomed in:

  • The zoom in this scene is much smoother (it was only one frame in the TV version!):
  • The second-to-last kanji in Animator 村木麻保良 (Muraki Mahora)’s name has been fixed (帆⇒保):

  • Here,うすいこうぢ (Usui Kо̄ji)’s name has been fixed twice! (こうじ⇒こうぢ) He was responsible both for Colour Setting and FInishing Animation:

And that’s it for episode #04 as well! Both episode #03 and this one were very quick, but I still hope you had a good time. See you next week for… Stardust Crusaders #11, probably!

See ya!

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