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Vento Aureo #02 - Buccellati's Coming

Hiya, good folks! Did you have a good week? Are you sitting comfortably? Ready to delve straight into today’s comparison? Let’s take a look at Vento Aureo #02, “Buccellati’s Coming”!

  • The first order of the day is the opening, which has some brighter bits:
  • The first version of Fighting Gold had a few little things that were fixed from episode #04 onwards. For example, the lines on Abbacchio’s fingers and his left tiddie have been slightly retouched here:

  • The sand around his ring finger has also been retouched…:

  • And, from a certain point onwards, the sand in the TV version was mistakenly drawn running out from between his middle and ring fingers, instead of how it was before; this has been fixed as well:

  • Abbacchio’s also been moved up a little bit, later on, but for some reason the sand near his left hand hasn’t been redrawn correctly. It’s not too bad, since it’s not that noticeable, but it still bothers me a little bit:

  • His right tiddie has also been fixed here, and the missing hand lines have been drawn in:

  • Let’s move on from Abbacchio to our holey fromagey boy Fugo! Here, the background is a different colour, and the silhouette of his thumb has been retouched:

  • And here, EVERYTHING is looking better:

  • These two scenes are also brighter:
  • Aerosmith’s smoke has been changed a little bit, here:

  • Ok, enough with the opening! Let’s move on to the actual episode for something completely different… Brighter scenes! Here, take two:
  • It’s tiiiime for the eyecatch! Take a look at this bright mysterious zipper boy:

  • The way the question marks pop up on the stat hexagon is also a little different:
  • And now for something unexpected… Brighter… AND sharper animations! Take a peek:
  • In this flashback bit here, Luca’s chopped fingers have been made brighter once more:

  • While this other bit has better contrast…:

  • … and this one has the same uncensoring we saw in the last episode:

  • I’ll leave you with two last brighter and sharper bits, to conclude this comparison in a grand manner:

And that concludes it for today’s episode! That was a little meatier, but still no BIG REDRAW moment so far. Not that we needed any! Well, I hope you had a good time reading through, and I’ll see you next time for Vento Aureo #03, “Meet the Gangster Behind the Wall”!



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