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Vento Aureo #01 - Gold Experience

Well, well, well… What do we have here? And they said it couldn’t be done… They said this day would never come! (I’m just kidding, nobody actually said that.)

Welcome, welcome back to this humble blog! Welcome to the start of a new era! I hope you’re ready for some BRIGHTER animations, because today we’re going to take a look at Vento Aureo #01, “Gold Experience!” Let’s dive in!

  • Vento Aureo’s first differences are these two animations, which are brighter in the BDs:
  • These few frames have better contrast and deeper blacks:

  • Here, have a brighter Koichi:
  • Let’s take a closer look at the previous animation… As you can see from this selected frame, it appears that this time around, the scenes that needed to be made dimmer aren’t dimmer overall! All the mid-range colours are still there (as you can see from Koichi’s trousers or the rubble in the front), it’s just the brighter bits who have been toned down. Interesting…:

  • The mid-episode eyecatch is looking much better! Sharper, brighter and with overall better contrast:

  • This DiU flashback sequence is brighter and uncensored:
  • Here, our friend 片山貴仁 (Katayama Takahito)’s job title has been changed from アクション作画監督 to アクションディレクター. They both meen pretty much the same thing, though (Action Director):

  • The lines on this Giorno are… very slightly thicker?:

  • Leaky-eye Luca’s fingers are brighter, here:

  • Alright, this difference needs a deep dive! Let’s begin with the first frame, in which they added the chopped fingers in mid-air:

  • One frame later, you can see that they were there in the TV version’s second frame; they’re now uncensored, and blurrier too:

  • The fingers move towards the camera one frame earlier, in the BD version:

  • Again, you can see how they’ve been uncensored and made blurrier here, when the TV version’s fingers catch up:

  • Once again, the fingers move one frame earlier in the BD…:

  • And one last frame to showcase the blurriness and uncensored…ness:

  • This whole scene, however, is so short that I can barely tell the difference! See for yourself:
  • Yeah, I told you… Let’s move on! Here, the fingers have been uncensored once again:

  • Here, we can see a new name in the credits: it’s 檜垣隆幸 (Higaki Takayuki), apparently responsible for promotion:

  • And we have come to the last difference for today! It’s our B.B.B.B., Best Boy Bruno Buccellati, with a brighter and sharper animation just for our lucky eyes:

And that’s it for today! Pretty lengthy for a first episode, but no real redraws to write home about. Pretty much what I expected, to be honest! I hope you had a good time reading this one, my good people. I’ll see you next time for Vento Aureo #02, “Buccellati’s Coming”!


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