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Stardust Crusaders #32 - Set's Alessi - Part 1

Howdy, fellas! How’s it going? Fancy seeing you here! Welcome aboard the comparison cruise - today we’ll be sailing for the Alessi archipelago, with two quick stops at Episode #32 and #33 - but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, and let’s begin by taking a look at our first episode, “Set’s Alessi - Part 1”!


  • This first, brief comparison begins with this sharper and brighter animation! Take a gander, friends:

  • Here we have the first redraw in a long time - this lady has been pretty significantly retouched, here:

  • Let’s close this brief post with this scene, in which some parts of the frame are sliiiightly darker:

And that concludes this very brief amouse-bouche; but never fear! We will go straight to the main meal, because on this cruise ship we have no standards and absolutely no etiquette! Click right here for a bite of that juicy dish, baby!

See you there!

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