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Stardust Crusaders #31 - Bastet's Mariah - Part 2

Hey there, friends! Fancy seeing you here, huh? Welcome back for episode #31, “Bastet’s Mariah - Part 2”! Nothing much to say - sit back, get ready for some brighter & sharper videos and let’s dive right in!

  • The first difference for this comparison is this short animation, now significantly brighter and sharper:

  • This animation is, instead, just brighter:

  • Here we have two brighter and sharper animations…:

  • Let’s break it up with two straight brighter bits:

  • And let’s close it up with a generous heaping of brighter and sharper animations:

  • Let’s move to a last quick credit difference! Here, like in the last episode, 美峰 (Bihō)’s name was spaced better, and 山村有理 (Yamamura Yūri)’s name has received a similar treatment as well:

And that concludes this week’s comparison(s)! Nothing too exciting, but next time we’ll take a look at Stardust Crusaders #32, “Set’s Alessi - Part 1”! Maybe that bastard of a man will have some juicier differences for us. Until then…

See ya!

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