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Stardust Crusaders #25 - Iggy the Fool and Geb's N'Doul - Part 1

Hello, friends! How’s it going? I hope you’re staying healthy and socially isolated, fellas, and welcome back to this humble blog! Today we’re finally heading to Egypt with a close look at Episode #25, “Iggy the Fool and Geb’s N’Doul - Part 1”! It’s finally time to move into the second arc, and to meet the BEST Crusader of them all… So, without further ado!

Let’s dive in!

  • New arc means new opening! First off, the top of Dio’s hair no longer ends as abruptly, here (this will be corrected in the TV version as well, starting from Episode #28 onwards):

  • Let’s take a look at this brighter and sharper punch rush, which also has a couple more effects here and there:

  • This second oraora rush is also brighter and sharper, and the sketch-like part in between has also been recoloured and retouched:

  • Moving to the actual episode, this Silver Chariot animation has a better contrast and is also sharper:

  • And Polnareff’s right earring is now properly behind Iggy’s seat, here:

  • The general shading in this scene is different, and this poor man’s gruesome fate has been fully uncensored:

  • How delightfully gory! This next bit is also uncensored, but the distance makes it look less horrific:

  • The highlight/shading on Avdol’s upper lip have been correctly inverted in some frames, here:

  • And here his chin now correctly moves when he talks:

  • The Speedwagon man is once again uncensored, in this background:

  • These following bits have once again been uncensored, and the general lighting is also looking a little different:

  • And that’s it for the main episode! But don’t fret… New arc means new ending, right? So let’s take a look at that! Here, Kakyoin has been moved up…:

  • Here, Avdol has been retouched and one bit on Jotaro has been recoloured, next to his left hand:

  • Here, Puavaranukroh Taweeporn’s name has been shortened to their surname only, now written in katakana instead (タービーポン), and the rest of the names have been slightly moved around:

  • The moon over the obelisk is different, here:

  • The shading on Polnareff’s pants is now static instead of flickering to this version every now and then…:

  • …the reflections of the bridge, the river banks and the moon have been moved and changed…:

  • …and so have Avdol and Iggy’s! In addition, their cast shadows are also different, and the shading on Avdol no longer animates as much:

  • Taweeporn is back to タービーポン here…:

  • Here, the footsteps have been changed, and the colour/luminosity of the scene are different in general:

  • Here, the bottom-left corner of the frame is slightly darker, most of the white specks of dust are now black…:

  • And later on, the dust effect is different and… dustier:

And that concludes this first foray into the Egypt Arc, friends! I hope you had a good time, and I’m happy if this took your mind off of the real-life worries for even a couple of minutes. Join me next time for Episode #26, “Iggy the Fool and Geb’s N’Doul - Part 2”, yeah?

See ya then!

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