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Stardust Crusaders #24 - High Priestess - Part 2

Howdy, fellas! Welcome back to this humble comparison compendium. Today we’re going to take a look at the final episode in the first arc of Stardust Crusaders, “High Priestess - Part 2”! Nothing else needs to be said, so strap in and let’s begin!

  • Today’s first difference is this frame of Joseph, in which the bottom of his swimming mask has been recoloured and (slightly) retouched:

  • The submbarine hatch has been reshaded here, the air bubbles are also looking different and Joseph himself has also been reshaded and recoloured:

  • This beautiful animation is brighter and then also sharper…:

  • …While this one has better contrast and an extra white frame at the beginning:
  • Aaaand this one just has an extra white-out inserted at frame number 4, making every other frame in the animation shift forwards by one:
  • And now, get ready for a barrage of brighter and sharper animation, friends! Here we go:

  • Phew! Now, let’s move on to… two more animations, which are just brighter instead:

  • Moving on to something less animated… several details of this bit here have been retouched, re-textured, recoloured or reshaded:

  • The highlight on Polnareff’s massive French forehead has been retouched in some frames, here…:

  • …and he received a new brief animation, at the end of the same scene:

  • The general lighting is different in this scene, and most elements are not as blurry as they were in the TV version:

  • It’s time to look at some GORE, friends! Rest in peace, poor Generic Speedwagon Grunt #14 (video not provided when the uncensored part is basically a still frame):

  • Phew! Now that was a very generous heaping of gore, wasn’t it? Anyhow, moving on… Here, DIO’s voice actor has been added at the bottom:

  • Here, all credits have been moved up a little bit, for some reason:

  • And here, naturally, the line saying “Broadcast begins in January 2015” has been removed, and “Egypt Arc” has been centered:

And that concludes this first Stardust Crusaders arc, friends! Next week it’ll finally be TIME FOR EGYPT, so be sure to join me for Episode #25, “Iggy the Fool and Geb’s N’Doul - Part 1”! I can’t wait to see that stupid dog again!

See you in Egypt!

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