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Stardust Crusaders #08 - Devil

Hello, good folks, and welcome back to your friendly neighborhood comparisonman. Today we’re going to take a look at Stardust Crusaders #08, “Devil”!

Let’s get started!

  • Today’s first difference can be found here: Joseph’s head has been retouched, the stripes on his left shoulder are a little different (and they now match his right shoulder) and if you look closely you can see that, in the background, there was one guy who was clipping through the staircase in the TV version; this has been fixed as well:

  • Here, Polnareff’s jawline is looking a tiny tiny bit different, the insides of his ear have been shaded properly and his cheekbone area has also been retouched a little:

  • This scene has been uncensored:

  • Here, both Polnareff and Silver Chariot have been moved a little bit to the right, and they’re both looking better too! (The tip of Devo’s head has also been moved along with them, in the few frames he’s included):

  • Here, have another few gloriously uncensored bits:

  • Here, both Joseph and Avdol’s faces have been heavily retouched; Joseph’s gloves have been recoloured a little bit and the shadows cast by his arms are a little lighter:

  • In later frames, Joseph’s right arm has also been moved slightly, and there’s an additional… uh… circle? thing? on Avdol’s clothes:

  • This scene has been almost completely recoloured, the light effects are different and the silhouette is much darker:

  • This HORRIFYING scene has been uncensored too:
  • Disgusting. Anyway, this bit here is brighter and sharper:
  • The contrast is better here…:

  • And this two brief animations are brighter again:
  • Let’s go back to a couple of darker frames, here:

  • And here, at the climax of the episode, we inevitably have a handful of brighter and sharper animations:
  • Here, the wound on the puppet’s face has been correctly flipped:

  • And here we have Devo’s uncensored body, sporting the world’s weirdest wounds:

  • From here until the end of the episode, the BD version has no credits (but instead, as usual, added a separate ending):

  • This bit of Joseph using Hermit Purple on the TV is a little brighter:
  • Here, the contrast is better:

  • And this bit of DIO doing what is perhaps his weirdest feat in the whole of Stardust Crusaders is also brighter:
  • While this bit here is darker, sharper and has much better contrast:
  • Here, both Avdol and Joseph have been retouched and moved (along with the smoke):

And that’s it for today’s comparison! We’re finally getting something a little bit more consistent to sink our comparison teeth into, huh? Good, good! I’ll see you next time for Stardust Crusaders #09, “Yellow Temperance”… Ciao!

P.S.: I still can’t offer you any ETA on the Vento Aureo comparisons, as I’ve yet to get the BD. As soon as I do, I’ll either write something in a comparison here, or tweet something on my twitter account. Sorry I can’t give you anything more solid than that!

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