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Stardust Crusaders #07 - Strength

Hello, hello, hello, good people! This being the holiday season, it’s inevitable that my comparison rate will go up a little bit in comparison with my normal weekly/bi-weekly schedule. It’s also the perfect time to make up for the skipped weeks! I trust you don’t have anything against that, yes?

Well, without further ado, let’s take a close look at today’s episode, “Strength”!

  • Today’s first difference is this scene with Dio & Enya here. Dio’s left hand has been retouched and now looks decidedly less wonky:

  • This compass here has been tweaked a fair amount! Most notably, the old SE (of which there were two of) has been fixed into SW, “ES” (which is not a valid cardinal direction) has been fixed into SE, and almost everything else has been either scaled or moved around a little bit. Good job, David pro:

  • This scene has been uncensored, and the poor fellow has also been shaded a little differently in the first shot:

  • This scene is more zoomed out and less steamy. Anne’s outline is way less blurry, and there’s… something weird in the TV version. I never noticed it, but one of Anne’s poses remains sort of… stuck in place. This is fixed in the BDs:
  • These poor sailors have all been uncensored, and their cast shadows have also been tweaked a little bit:

  • Here we have a couple of brighter and sharper scenes:
  • This illegal scene of Jotaro has also been uncensored, and Jotaro himself has been retouched here and there too:

  • Let’s get to the c-c-c-c-credits! Here, on the left, Animator 中屋了 (Nakaya Satoru)’s name has been spaced a little better:

  • And here, like in Episode #05 and #06, 浜友里恵 (Hama Yurie) has been removed from the credits:

And that’s it for today’s comparison! Another short one - but that’s no surprise, given the obviously gargantuan production values this series had. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless, and I’ll see you again for episode #08, “Devil”!

Ari ari ari ari!

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