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Phantom Blood #08 - Bloodmatch! JoJo & Dio

Welcome back, everyone! Today we’ll take a look at Episode #08 of Phantom Blood. As the name of the episode implies, there’s gonna be plenty of ass-kicking, so buckle up and get ready! Let’s go!

  • For the first difference of today’s episode, here we have a sharper, redrawn sister:

  • This scene has been brightened and good ol’ Snake-Head Jeff’s eye has been uncensored:

  • In this shot, a super tiny bit on Jonathan’s chin was retouched; it’s really minor, but he looks gorgeous in this frame so whatever, worth it:

  • Here, they retouched Jonathan’s mouth and eye:

  • This shot is a bit sharper and brighter… Except for the snake dude’s head:

  • Poco’s sister again here, with a new face:

  • Dio is no longer looking at his own nose here:

  • …and his face has been redrawn in these two shots:

  • The outlines in this shot are sharper, and that scratch texture was removed:

  • In this scene, there is no scratch texture on George, Bruford and Zeppeli’s eyes (but there is on George’s eyebrows):

  • The background is sharper and less transparent in this transition:

  • Pretty much everyone except Speedwagon has been retouched or redrawn in this shot, but holy hell take a look at Poco’s sister in the TV version LOOK AT THAT FACE AND THAT HEAD FOR GOD’S SAKE:

  • This scene has been completely redrawn, so much so that I need to show you both a video and a screenshot comparison:

  • Dio’s wound has been redrawn here (but it still looks like lava):

  • And here, Jonathan’s eye has been redrawn; moreover, in the frames in which his mouth was half-opened, the TV version of the anime had mistakenly coloured the lower part of his mouth white instead of the top half; this has been corrected and his teeth have been fixed in the BDs:

  • This scene is probably the one that grosses me out the most in the entirety of JoJo, and thanks to the BDs I can be even more grossed out (in addition to the obvious uncensoring, the highlights on Jonathan’s face are also not quite as sharp - thanks, Stenkos!):

  • I know, Jonathan, I know. Me too (Dio has also been moved to the left):

  • This animation has been redrawn and the camera movement is slightly different:

  • Both Dio and Speedwagon have been redrawn here, the screen division is different and they have been both slightly moved:

  • These two shots are brighter too:

  • The hamon effects in this animation are way, way brighter:
  • The usual brighter shot:

  • Poco has been shaded differently here, and his face has also been retouched:

And that’s it for Episode #08! All in all it was a rather slim comparison, I have to say. Tune in next time for a look at Episode #09! The end of an era! The passage of the torch! The birth of an ungentlemanly JoJo!

Till next time!

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