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Phantom Blood #07 - Successor

Hello, everybody, and welcome back! Sorry for the long-ish silence, but as I said in a comment somewhere, I’m busy trying to write my Master’s Thesis and working as a freelance translator. I hope you can forgive me! If you’re still on board, let’s dive right into Episode #07!

  • Let’s begin with a redrawn Tompeti! In this shot his ears have been recoloured and his eyes, mouth and forehead have been retouched:

  • Zeppeli’s gruesome demise has been uncensored:

  • Just look for yourself! This scene looks so different that I had to include a video or I felt that you wouldn’t even believe me:

  • Once again, an uncensored Zeppeli:

  • And a slightly retouched Jonathan (note his lil stubby fingers in the TV version):

  • Here we have three brighter animations:
  • In this shot, both Speedwagon and Poco have been redrawn:

  • The more I look at Zeppeli in this state and the sadder I get:

  • A New Weed:

  • Jonathan has been completely redrawn here:

  • Here, everything has a more dramatic light and colour:
  • In this shot, Jonathan has been redrawn:

  • …Yeah:


  • And he’s been retouched again here; the onomatopoeia’s outline is also wavier:

  • Another couple of brighter and sharper shots:

  • Jonathan’s body and Zeppeli’s face are now in HD:

  • Jonathan is less pouty and has better eyes here:

  • Speedwagon’s eyes and mouth have been retouched:

  • Here David production redrew Jonathan’s face and retouched Zeppeli’s mouth:

  • Another Speedwagon redraw here; Poco’s ear has also been shaded:

  • Another Jonathan and Zeppeli redraw, as in the previous shot (the lower right corner is also brighter):

  • Dio’s head is slightly… Larger? This one is a bit weird:

  • In this scene, they’ve uncensored the mother eating her baby’s face off (even though it was only a shadow):
  • Everyone’s face is more shaded in this shot:

  • Another couple of completely redrawn shots here (and for once, in the second shot I preferred the TV version of Jonathan):

  • In this scene here, everything is redrawn and Jonathan walks in a different direction:
  • upgrade_button_meme.jpg:

  • Here, Dire’s head has been redrawn and the two straps at the bottom of Jonathan’s backpack have been removed:

  • Dire’s face has been redrawn here:

  • Another “just see for yourself” comparison here, folks:

  • Again, pretty much everything has been redrawn or retouched in this shot; they even added Poco in a bunch of frames in which he was not visible:

  • Everyone has a slightly retouched face in this shot; Poco and Dire have also been shaded better:

  • Another difference-heavy comparison! Even the background has been tilted slightly:

  • Everyone is drawn better here, and the camera is placed differently:

  • Tompeti’s eyes are less kawaii uguu:

  • And now for a couple of good ol’ credits differences! First off, they added animation supervisor 亀井眞也 (Kamei Shin’ya) to the credits:

  • And in the next episode card, the title has been spaced a bit differently:

And that’s it for the Episode #07 comparison! I’ll try to put out at least a comparison per week from now on; I hope you’ll be patient with me! See you next week for Episode #08!


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