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Phantom Blood #06 - Courage for Tomorrow

Hello there, and welcome back! Today we’ll take a look at Episode #06 of Phantom Blood, in which a noble soul is vanquished, a young boy grows into a man and an old master comes to terms with his own impending death. Without further ado, let’s dive in!

  • Very aptly, the first difference of this episode is this very brief animation, which is brighter and a bit cleaner:
  • And in this shot, the background has been made brighter, and the glove on Jonathan’s hand has been retouched:

  • Speedwagon has been completely redrawn in this shot (and thank goodness he was):


  • This shot is also brighter in the BDs:

  • This panning shot is slightly different in the BDs, and the Hamon sparks on Bruford’s sword have been redrawn:
  • The dividing line in this split-screen shot has less of a neon-like quality to it, and both Speedwagon and Tarkus have been heavily retouched and re-shaded (also note the thicker outlines):

  • The outlines are way thicker in this scene as well; Jonathan’s eyes have also been retouched and the fire effects are better:

  • The three following sequences have all received the usual brighter-and-sharper treatment:
  • In this other shot, Speedwagon as been redrawn again, and the shading on Zeppeli has been retouched as well:

  • Here, Bruford’s pupils have been drawn in:

  • And the scene in which his body starts to crumble because of Jonathan’s Hamon has been uncensored:
  • Here, Jonathan has been redrawn so that he’s his usual B I G self, and the shading on Bruford has been slightly retouched as well:

  • (P)Luck has been moved and scaled properly in this shot:

  • Here, Jonathan’s eyes and Zeppeli’s eyes have been retouched and the scene is slightly more zoomed out:

  • In this scene, everyone’s face has been redrawn and the Hamon coursing through the leaf is slightly more varied in colour:

  • Jonathan’s Big Pointy Chin has been tamed, and his mouth and ear have also been shaded:

  • Jonathan and Zeppeli have been massively redrawn in this shot, and as a result they no longer look as if they’re criticizing your poorly-chosen tie:

  • This scene of Tarkus smashing into the tower has a slightly different timing:
  • Zeppeli’s eyes are different in this shot:

  • Here, Tarkus’ upper lip and nose have been shaded, and his pupils are more detailed:

  • Just… Just look at this:

  • And, luckily, this shot has been completely redrawn as well. If you move the slider around fast enough it looks like somebody’s scrambling Zeppeli’s facial features around:

  • Poco has been retouched and moved up in this flashback scene:


  • Poco again:

  • In this shot, both Poco and… does his sister even have a name? Anyway, they’ve both been retouched, the onomatopoeia at the top has an added texture and the goofy motion lines they drew in the TV version have been substituted with a more realistic wind effect:

  • Poco has been redrawn and made taller again here, and his sister’s face has been retouched as well:

  • One last Poco redraw and we can go back to the real world:

  • Zeppeli and Speedwagon’s faces have been retouched here:

  • Here they retouched Speedwagon’s mouth, eye and that weird line under his eye they used to draw in the TV version:

  • Aaand a final credit difference; here, in the BDs they added CG artist 工藤かよ(Kudō Kayo) and moved everything around slightly:

That’s it for Episode #06 of Phantom Blood! I’m getting so used to doing long episodes that this seemed almost short in comparison. Huh! Anyway, see you next time for Episode #07!

Take care!

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