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Phantom Blood #05 - the Black Knights

Welcome back, people! While we wait for new DiU Blu-rays to get out, we’ll do some catching up to the earlier seasons. Today we’re going back to Phantom Blood, for another healthy dose of redrawn frames. Let’s dive right into it!

  • Let’s begin with a shot in which pretty much everything has been redrawn (and thank goodness it did):

  • Here, Zeppeli’s face has been re-shaded and re-drawn:

  • And uncle Weed’s face has been completely redrawn:

  • Zeppeli’s face has been sharpened and redrawn, and Jonathan’s nose has been very slightly retouched here:

  • “Hey guys, how about we, uh… How about we just redraw everything from scratch?”:

  • This bit of Zeppeling killing a zombie is brighter and uncensored:
  • And his pupil is brighter:

  • Another massively redrawn shot here. I think it’s easier if you see the difference for yourselves:

  • Here the zombie is brighter and easier to see:

  • And this whole sequence is brighter and uncensored:
  • Now I don’t know who messed up here but in this shot there are two Dios. Two Entire Dios. This has been fixed in the BDs:

  • Do you remember how many redraws you’ve had?:

  • Here both Jonathan and Zeppeli have a slightly different shading; the outline of Jonathan’s eyebrows also no longer shows through his bangs:

  • Another completely redrawn scene here; Jonathan no longer looks like a big upset baboon who’s just had his bananas stolen:

  • Zeppeli has been moved down, the background is different and blurred and there are some very pronounced wind effects in this shot:

  • In this scene Dio’s ice has an added steam effect; the shattering part has been redrawn from the grounds up and Zeppeli’s arm has been uncensored:

  • Here, the ice is shaded differently, Zeppeli’s eyes have thicker outlines and his ear and chin have been shaded:

  • This whole part has been redrawn from the grounds up, and it’s blurrier and with more wind effects, so that it looks less static:

  • Zeppeli’s broken leg has been uncensored:
  • Here, everyone’s face has been retouched and Jonathan’s forearm has been recoloured white:

  • Most of this shot has been retouched:

  • Here, Tarkus’ right eye has been coloured red and the background is blurred:

  • In this shot here, Zeppeli’s eye, ear and hat are shaded differently, his collar is slightly lower, Speedwagon’s neck is shaded and his mouth has been moved up a good inch or two:

  • Here, Dio’s head is way smaller:

  • And here, his cheek and eyes have a less flat shading:

  • Mary Stuart’s chopped head has been uncensored:

  • Here, the zoom is slightly closer:

  • They gave a new face to Jonathan here:

  • Got Your Nose: Ultimate Edition:

  • Here, the skin tone of both the zombie and Bruford is slightly lighter:

  • In this shot, Jonathan has been completely redrawn and re-shaded, and Tarkus has been slightly moved and retouched:

  • The background is waaaaay brighter here, and there are more speed lines; the camera has also been moved a bit down:

  • Here, Zeppeli and Speedwagon’s wonky eyes have been redrawn and Speed Weed’s upper lip has been shaded:

  • The Turquoise Blue Overdrive animation is brighter and sharper:

That’s it for Phantom Blood #05! That was a very reasonable amount of changes. Every time I take a look at a Phantom Blood episode I’m always impressed at the amount of work that David production puts into making the BDs better in most ways. See you next time for Episode #06!


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