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Phantom Blood #09 - the Final Ripple!

Hey everyone! Welcome back for an (early) Phantom Blood #09! This one was probably treated like a “special” episode (since it’s the last one from Phantom Blood) and well done even in the TV version; therefore, most of today’s differences are brighter scenes, a couple of uncensorings and maybe two very minor redraws. Without further ado, let’s get right into it!

  • This pan in the beginning is slightly different in the BDs:
  • Dio chopping his own neck (the absolute madman) has been uncensored:
  • In a bunch of frames, the top part of Erina’s hat was a little wonky in the TV version; this has been corrected:

  • Father Styx’s gruesome death has been uncensored:
  • These two scenes are brighter and sharper:
  • And this poor dude getting the world’s hardest life-preserver to the head has been uncensored as well:

  • A very long series of brighter scenes here:

  • And to top it all off, a final difference in the very last frame of Phantom Blood: Speedwagon’s chin, Jonathan’s eyes and his mouth have all been retouched:

And that’s it for the last episode of Phantom Blood! A little anticlimactic, perhaps, but them’s the breaks, I guess! I’m excited to see if Battle Tendency had as many differences as Phantom Blood did, or if it’s more on the light side. Tune in next time as we dive into a new generation!

Until then, take care!

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