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Diamond Is Unbreakable #39 - Goodbye, Morioh - the Golden Heart

Come, come, good people! Come one, come all! Sit, huddle beside the fire, as I tell you a story as old as time… A tale of life and death, justice and revenge; a tale of good and evil, of fistfights and stands, of serial killers and ambulances. Join me as we go through the closing chapter of this bizarre tale… Episode #39, “Goodbye, Morioh - The Golden Heart”!

  • Let’s kick off this last episode with what is probably the tiniest, most irrelevant difference in the history of this site. In the BD version of this shot, there is a tiny dot on Kira’s trousers. See if you can spot it:

  • The birds in the background are looking a bit better here:

  • Kira’s looking in a different direction for a couple of frames:

  • And his eyelashes are also slightly smaller, here:

  • In this part here, Kira has been massively retouched and re-shaded; I’m particularly fond of the third frame:

  • Phew! But it’s not over… He’s been slightly retouched and moved here as well (i’m not too sure about the missing shadow near his left eye, in the last one):

  • “Hello, police? My dog is posing, what do I do?”:

  • Reimi doesn’t have that tuft of hair on her forehead in this couple of frames:

  • Kira has a lighter bit of hair in this frame:

  • And here, when Kosaku turns back into Kira, he looks a bit better:

  • Here, have a generous serving of uncensored things:

  • Reimi has been moved up a bit, and she looks even prettier than she did in the TV version:

  • Who’s a dead boy????:

  • Both Reimi and Arnold have been retouched and re-shaded here (and yes, Arnold’s neck wound has also been uncensored, big deal):

  • As I said: big deal, Arnold. You’ll have to come up with something better to impress me:

  • Koichi and Rohan have both been retouched here and no, Arnold, they’re not impressed either:

  • I don’t know why I’ve been so rude to you, Arnold. You can come out from back there, I didn’t mean to scare you:

  • Look at this beautiful family portrait! The retouched mother, father and son, and the uncensored doggo:

  • See, Arnold? What did I tell you? Now this is impressive! A floating dog! We’ll make a ton of money with this:

  • Here, the bit of collar near Joseph’s beard has been properly outlined:

  • The boat now has a blue strip, and the shading on the hull is darker:

  • The candle is L I T fam:

  • Yuuya is slightly taller here, and he’s also been retouched:

  • And here too, plus some better-looking sparkle background:

  • The same pleasant fate has also befallen our dear Tonio:

  • And oh, look! Our favourite smug mangaka is also looking better in these two scenes:

  • Let’s go back to our favourite pseudo-alien boy one last time… In these couple of frames, you can see that he has been retouched and moved way more to the left:

  • Ah, my friends… What better frame could we hope for to wrap up our 39 episode-long extravaganza? What better way than this shot of our slightly retouched main trio, our good, good boys, squatting like gangsters outside of a convenience store, while speaking ill of Rohan? It’s truly poetic, I say:

Friends, strangers, well met! Thus ends the fourth part of our Bizarre Adventure. I can still remember the day I started doing this, more than a year ago! A year! Twelve months of this! Incredible, isn’t it? As I said in a comment somewhere, I originally started this whole thing because I enjoyed seeing some frames of the differences between the TV and BD versions of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency, but I was really bummed out to discover that nobody had done the same thing with Stardust Crusaders. And so I said, what the hell? If nobody else is willing to do this then I’ll start myself, and see how it goes from there. So, remember: you can do it! You can do whatever you want! Everything! Just… start doing it, and roll with it! You’ll fail, but you’ll get better in the end, I guarantee that. In case the thing you want to do is also the same thing I wanted to do, you can find out how I make my comparisons here!

And last but not least, I wanted to take this chance to thank you all for having remained with me throughout these last months, and in such overwhelming numbers! I hope y’all had fun reading through these kooky quests, and I’ll see you next time (which should be either next week or the one after that), to go back in time and continue… Battle Tendency, Episode #16! I know, I know, less exciting, but still! These episodes ain’t gonna compare themselves!

Take care, my friends, and, as always…

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