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Battle Tendency #16 - Lisa Lisa the Ripple Master

Hello, everyone, and welcome back! I know, I know, it’s been… a while. Around ten months, to be precise. And I do apologize for that, but long story short is: right after publishing the last comparison, work got super busy, real life got way more complicated (in a good way, thankfully!), and I was left with little to no time to dedicate to this incredibly time-consuming hobby of mine.

Needless to say, I also got a little burned out. Doing these comparisons pretty much weekly for a year was a harder task than I had anticipated. But now, after this long hiatus, I’ve decided to try to come back and finish what I’ve started. I can’t guarantee a regular schedule for the upcoming comparisons, but I’ll try to publish around one, maybe two per month. It might be more, it might be less. I know, it’s not much, but such is the life of a working man who still wants to keep some semblance of free time. Sorry!

Without further ado, then… Let’s get this started! Welcome back to Jojo’s Bizarre Comparisons, I hope you’re ready to take a look at Battle Tendency #16 - Lisa Lisa the Ripple Master!

  • The first comparison for today is this slightly retouched Caesar, along with his also retouched bandana and hair:

  • In this bit, the hamon effects are a little brighter in the BD version:

  • In this beautiful sequence that perfectly showcases just how handsome Joseph is, the BD version adds more water droplet and a little bit of a bloom effect:

  • “See this glove, Joseph? It’s been retouched for the BD release, so that it no longer looks like one of the fingers is shorter than the others”:

  • Caesar’s face and neck have been retouched here:

  • Here, the inside of Joseph’s ear has been recoloured, the gondola driver has been redrawn in a more natural position and the gondola itself has been retouched. Fun fact: that iron bit at the tip of the gondola is called “ferro di prua”, and the six small “teeth” you can see protruding towards the outside of the gondola represent the six districts of Venice (called “sestieri”), while the one that protrudes towards the inside represents the Giudecca island. Well done on this correction, David Pro!:

  • Here, Joseph has been retouched and moved slightly up-right:

  • In this bit, the gondola has been slightly moved, and the water level is a little higher:

  • Here we have a whole bunch of different things: Caesar’s bandana’s now coloured properly, the rope tying the gondola to the pier has been retouched, Lisa Lisa and her oar have been redrawn completely, the gondola itself has been sliiightly moved and the ferro di prua bit is now looking much, much better:

  • The camera has been slightly moved in this shot:

  • The shading in this shot is a little smoother, and Caesar’s eyes have been retouched:

  • Lisa Lisa and the background have been moved here:

  • Oh boy, DPro did it again… Both Caesar and Joseph are looking much, much worse here, and a lot stuff has been either scaled or moved around:

  • Lisa Lisa has been moved around here, and the shading is better:

  • Here basically everything has been retouched or moved around, and Lisa Lisa now has an additional animation when she lands on the oar:

  • And again here! The gondola is way closer to Lisa Lisa and looks much better (as does Lisa Lisa), the oar is now slightly floating from the water and Lisa Lisa’s clothes are now animated:

  • This video has actually been animated in the BD version, the overall zoom is different and the oar leaves less marked afterimages:
  • In this series of comparisons, Lisa Lisa has been moved (and later redrawn), the oar is sharper and the bit with Joseph has also been heavily retouched:

  • And that’s not all! The BD added some transitions in this scene, and a result it looks much, much smoother:
  • In the first part of this scene, the genera lighting is different and Joseph’s face has been redrawn:

  • And when we get a closer look at his hands and feet, the colours are different, the dividers are brighter and the onomatopoeias have been recoloured:

  • Lisa Lisa has actually been animated (and slightly reshaded) here:
  • Most lines are slightly thicker here, and both Lisa Lisa and her scarf have been retouched:

  • Here they added part of the artificial shore, warped the water and hamon effects and retouched all three faces:

  • Joseph’s eyes have been retouched here:

  • This shot has been completely tweaked:

  • Almost everything has been redrawn in this bit here…:

  • …And it actually animates as well! Incredible:
  • Seriously, DPro? Again? The redraws here are, again, pretty bad, the colours are flatter and the shading is less well made, the splashes of water are slightly warped and she’s got no bracelets on:

  • But it does animate, so I’ll give them that:
  • Here both Lisa Lisa and the oar have been slightly moved around, the splashes of water are different, the shading on the oar has been retouched and Lisa Lisa’s afterimages are sharper and brighter:

  • Look at that! A brighter & sharper video… Isn’t that nostalgic?:
  • The background moves here, and Lisa Lisa’s eyes are looking better:

  • Here, Joseph has been slightly moved and retouched:

  • Caesar’s neck has been shaded differently here, and his eyes have been retouched:

  • Here, the water looks different, Lisa Lisa has been shaded differently, and Joseph’s eyes have been tweaked slightly:

  • Lisa Lisa’s mouth has been slightly moved here:

  • The background has been moved here, and Caesar’s eye area has been retouched:

  • Lisa Lisa’s eyes have been retouched, her cheeks look a little less flat and a tiny bit on the right part of her jawline has been fixed:

  • Caesar’s proportions have been tweaked, and he’s been retouched overall:

  • The animation of the onomatopoeias fading out is different in the BDs: it no longer fades, but whizzes out with a blurrier animation (it’s not very easy to spot in a video, so you’ll have to settle for a single frame):

  • Here, Caesar’s been very slightly moved, he’s wearing a glove on his left hand and a little bit of his bandana has been coloured properly:

  • The pillar and Joseph have been shaded differently here:

  • The panning here is a little different:
  • Joseph has been retouched and reshaded here:

  • The knives have been redrawn here:

  • This flashback scene has been recoloured, is slightly blurrier and Caesar has been retouched as before:

  • In this animation, Joseph’s mask moves more, so that it looks more like he’s talking under there:
  • And the background in between two of Joseph’s bangs has been slightly recoloured:

  • The background is slightly brighter here:

  • Another brighter and sharper animation, boyos:
  • Here, have some brighter hamon sparks:

  • And here, take some more brighter and sharper:
  • Caesar’s been retouched and slightly reshaded here:

  • In this brief animation, Caesar raises his head slightly earlier:
  • Caesar’s eyes, nose and neck have been retouched here:

  • Yep, another brighter and sharper animation:
  • This bit is brighter in the BDs:

  • And one last quick brighter and sharper animation, for the road:
  • Here, this beautiful Italian boy has been slightly moved to the left, and his eye area is looking much better:

  • The BDs have no credits in the final part of the episode, because they added the ending:

  • And here, Caesar has been slightly moved, his face has been retouched, the bandana and that suspender-looking thing he’s got going on his chest have also been shaded:

Aaand that’s it for this episode! Phew. What a dense comparison to come back on! Once again, I do apologize for my long absence, and I will endeavor to come back to posting at an at least semi-regular basis. I can’t promise anything, though. See you next time!



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