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Diamond Is Unbreakable #25 - Atom Heart Father

Hello everybody, and welcome back to our weekly comparison! Today we’re going to take a look at Diamond is Unbreakable Episode #25, “Atom Heart Father”! You know how we run our business around these parts, so I’m not gonna dilly-dally too long.

Let’s get right to it!

  • The first difference for today is the Kawajiri cat, part of whose fur has been recoloured from white to black, to be consistent with its other appearances:

  • In this shot, Jotaro’s waistcoat pattern has been drawn in, and the shoulder strap for his messenger bag has also been added:

  • Here, the cover for Kira’s photo album is slightly lighter, and Jotaro’s left sleeve (specifically, the yellow and blue part) has been sort of fixed. In addition, a bit on Josuke’s yellow shirt has been recoloured correctly:

  • In this shot here, we once again have Jotaro’s waistcoat patterns and messenger bag shoulder strap; his eyes have also been retouched and his hathair and lower belt re-shaded:

  • There’s a bunch of differences in this scene here, but they all appear separately. First of all, throughout all of these, Kira’s notebook is less shaded; in the first comparison, Jotaro’s waistcoat patterns are back and the outline of his nose has been coloured in:

  • When Josuke gets in frame, he brings another couple of differences with him. The darker part of his ear has been shaded properly (and Jotaro’s disappearing waistcoat has been taken care of)…:

  • …a tiny bit on his nose has been retouched…:

  • …and the inside of his mouth has been shaded:

  • The background in this scene rotates, and Josuke starts from farther away from Jotaro and slowly shifts towards him:
  • In this shot, everything has been moved around and centered better:

  • Here, Josuke’s peace and anchor symbols have been retouched, plus the heart and that part of his school uniform have been shaded differently. The lines on the pompadour are also longer, and there’s a black spot on his temple which has been removed:

  • In this shot, Josuke’s neck has been uncensored and daddy Kira’s PJ sleeve has been shaded better:

  • Again, both Jotaro and Josuke’s necks have been uncensored here:

  • And again here, plus there’s a weird light coming out of their necks. Not sure what that is, but I like it:

  • And the photo itself is, of course, modified to reflect the previous changes. The overlay texture is also different:

  • Star Platinum’s face and neck have been shaded better in the BD version of this scene; in addition, daddy Kira now has some horizontal stripes on the arms of his PJs, his eyebrow has been coloured and his left eye has been retouched:

  • Here, Okuyasu’s face has been retouched. Not so sure about the second one, though. That nose:

  • In this shot, Koichi has got a thicker… eyelid:

  • And here, both Koichi and Okuyasu’s faces have been retouched:

  • In this shot, Okuyasu’s 億 has been slightly moved, and the duct tape lines on the stapled photo have been retouched…:

  • …the staples fly differently…:
  • …and the duct tape lines continue on the back of the photo:

  • Here, both Koichi and Jotaro’s faces have been retouched, plus NO SHOES INDOORS! Part 2:

  • In this shot there’s a bunch of different things. If you can’t spot them all on yourself, here they are! First, the black bits on Josuke’s collar, then the longer lines in his pompadour. Then Jotaro: the belthand’s back, and his face has been retouched. Check it out:

  • NO FEET INDOORS! Plus, his eyes, ear and hand area have been retouched:

  • The BDs add a little shading to the floor, to give a sense of depth; 億 is back on Okuyasu’s arm as well:

  • Jotaro’s now holding the bow in his hand:

  • The horizontal stripes have come back:

  • Same as above, plus a more dramatic shading:

  • This shot of Jotaro has been completely redrawn, and now he looks like he’s 14 (apparently it’s a copied drawing from the end of episode 38. Thanks, Patrick Falcon!). The background is also slightly shifted:

  • Shinobu’s eyes have been retouched in this scene, and the wine is redder:

  • This bit is way more zoomed out, there’s no pan and we can see Shinobu walk up the stairs. The transition to Kira’s closeup face also happens a bit later and it’s a clear cut, without a fade:
  • Kira’s shirt is darker and less blue here:

  • And when Killer Queen comes out, both the black fog and the shading on KQ itself are darker:

  • Alright, that’s it for the episode itself! Now we have a few credits comparisons, but they’re a bit atypical in that they’re not strictly changes to the credits so much as they are differences in the ED itself. Most of the changes in the ending reflect the ED version they broadcasted from episode 35 onwards. Let’s begin with a closer Josuke mom, to make some space for Shinobu and Hayato, which will appear in a few endings:

  • Kira is no longer sitting in his bench:

  • Kira’s coworkers have been added here, and on the background you can see a house and some trees have been moved around and scaled a bit. Ignore Okuyasu for now…:

  • …because we’ve got a better look at him right here. He’s been moved a bit to the right, and his dad’s now with him:

  • Police is now sitting on Koichi’s front steps:

  • Daddy Kira’s photo has been added in this ending, while in the TV version it was only added in episode 30’s ending:

  • And this final transition is different, with Kira having already been substituted with Kosaku:

Alright, that’s it for this week’s comparison! I hope you had a good time reading through these, and I’ll see you next week for Episode #26!

Take care!

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