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Battle Tendency #19 - Race to the Cliffs of Death

Welcome back, ladies and gents! Yeah, I know, this comparison is a little early… I assume that’s not a problem for you! Let’s not lose any precious time, and let’s dive right into this week’s episode, “Battle Tendency #19 - Race to the Cliffs of Death”!

  • Today’s first difference is Joseph’s face, dramatically retouched here:

  • Kars and Stroheim have been redrawn and moved in this scene:

  • Back to our beautiful boy… Joseph’s hair, ear and nose have been all retouched:

  • This pretty terrible thing has been uncensored:

  • And this other terrible thing has been uncensored as well:

  • Are you ready for a retouched and slightly moved Stroheim?:

  • These two blam blam pew pew sequences are sharper and brighter:
  • Back to Joseph! Here he is, looking still shocked but a little better:

  • Here, Stroheim (or what we can see of his glorious metal body) has been retouched and slightly moved:

  • Everybody has been retouched and moved here! The table too:

  • Kars looks MUCH, MUCH better here, and he’s actually doing a good job of shielding his face with his right arm:

  • The hole in Kars’ hand has been uncensored again here:

  • The tiny Joseph in the background has been retouched slightly:

  • As has been Kars, here:

  • And again here (and Stroheim too):

  • Joseph (and the rest of the background) are now way less blurrier here:

  • Another “let’s retouch everything” extravaganza, here! Check it out:

  • The background is different here, and Joseph looks a little resized and tweaked:

  • Kars looks better (and less wrinkled here):

  • Ok, I don’t understand why, but here Joseph’s right eye looks duller in the BD version:

  • Kars is wearing less makeup here:

  • Everything looks a little better here, and the camera has been moved down a little bit:

  • Kars is once again wearing less makeup here, and his upper lip has been shaded a little bit more:

  • All three have been heavily retouched here (Messina is the one who benefited the most out of it):

  • The camera is more zoomed in here, and Joseph’s face has also been slightly retouched:

  • Everything has been tweaked here:

  • Joseph looks MUCH BETTER here, thankfully… Some of these frames are just… The best:

  • Both Kars and Joseph are smaller here, and have been slightly retouched too:

  • Kars’ face has been tweaked here:

  • Here he’s been retouched, the texture overlay is less heavy…:

  • …and these frames have been completely redrawn:

  • Everything has been heavily retouched here, and most lines are thinner:

  • There’s a bunch of slightly brighter frames… Here’s one:

  • Here Joseph’s arm has been retouched and moved:

  • And here most things have been retouched, both Joseph and Kars are a little higher and the perfect Aja has no longer disappeared from Joseph’s right hand:

  • Have a retouched Kars reenacting the fantasies of a couple of people out there:

  • In the final couple of frames or the previous scene, the BD adds some droplets of blood:

  • This shot is more centered and most things have been retouched again:

  • And here too! I really like Caesar’s BD version:

  • Kars has been completely redrawn here… Have a bunch of goofy frames!:

  • The camera has been slightly zoomed here here, and Kars has been retouched (again):

  • Joseph no longer looks like Voldemort here, plus he’s been moved and a couple of things have been tweaked here and there… There’s some treasures in this one as well:

  • Here everything is retouched, less blurry and closer to the camera:

  • Another retouched Kars here…:

  • And a retouched Joseph…:

  • Aaand a redrawn Kars…:

  • Most lines in this scene are thicker, and a couple of shades are different:

  • Kars’ face is looking a lot better here, once again (and the rest has also been retouched):

  • There’s a slight distortion around the edges here, Joseph and Kars have been moved and both are retouched:

  • Here the camera has been moved to the right a little bit, Messina is taller and Stroheim’s casting a slightly darker shadow:

  • Once again, Kars is wearin less makeup here:

  • Another zoom in here, and Kars has also been redrawn:

  • And here he’s just been redrawn:

  • Here Kars has been shaded differently, and his face has also been retouched:

  • Another retouched Kars, walking off in the distance:

  • The sportsmen in this compilation have all been redrawn:

  • Caesar and Lisa Lisa have been retouched here, Lisa Lisa is shorter, the background has been slightly moved and a couple of shadows are different:

  • Both Messina and Lisa Lisa have been retouched here, most lines on Messina are thicker and he’s also been shaded better:

  • Most lines are thicker here! All three have been retouched! Some shadows are different!:

  • Lisa Lisa’s face has been redrawn here, and Messina’s eyes have also been retouched:

  • Lisa Lisa again here, and Caesar has a couple of thicker lines on his face (and scarf) too:

  • All three eyes visible in this frame have been retouched, Caesar’s ear has been properly shaded, a line on his scarf has been redrawn and his left eyebrow no longer goes over his bandana:

  • In this tense and fateful fight between brothers both are taller, most lines are thicker, most things have been redrawn and a couple of shadows have been changed too:

  • Caesar has been moved, redrawn and the lines are, once again, thicker:

  • Here, the lines are you guessed it, most things have been retouched and the camera has been moved… Prepare for another treasure trove full of goofy faces:

  • Caesarino’s face looks better here too:

  • And most things look better here (and most lines, strangely, are thinner):

  • And Caesar closes his eyes while walking off:

  • The camera has been moved up a little bit, and Caesar has been retouched again:

  • The camera and background have been moved a little bit here, and both characters have been retouched:

  • Here the colours are more vivid, the shades are better, the lines are thicker, all thre have been retouched… It’s just a solid, yet not ovely dramatic overhaul:

  • Joseph’s nostril area and mouth have been moved down a little bit here, they added a line on his neck, some shading on his ear and eyes and twaked a couple of lines all over the place:

  • Phew! We made it to the credits once again! This was a massive one… But I hope you’re ready for 1 (one) credit change! Here, like in the previous… two? episodes, 亀井隆広 (Kamei Takahiro) has been added to the credits, and in this episode we also have 石本峻一 (Ishimoto Shun’ichi). Say hello:

And we’re done! Isn’t that incredible? What a gargantuan comparison. I can’t even begin to imagine how long this takes David Production… I’m really grateful they’re doing that, though! Well, I hope you had a good time, and I’ll see you again in a week or two for “Battle Tendency #20 - Caesar’s Lonely Youth”!



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