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Battle Tendency #18 - Stroheim's Counterattack

Hello again, friends, and well met! How are you doing? Hopefully not too bad. And if things aren’t looking too hot, maybe this new comparison will be able to make you feel a little bit better. I hope you’re ready for today’s comparison, “Battle Tendency #18 - Stroheim’s Counterattack”!

Let’s go!

  • Today’s first comparison, exactly like the last episode’s first comparison, is pretty much clear. The BDs inserted the opening to the episode, and therefore the initial bit doesn’t have any credits:

  • Here we have our first redraw for today… The first of many! Suzie Q has been very slightly moved to the left, and her face has been retouched (although I’m not sure if the final result is better):

  • And here, Lisa Lisa joins the redraw party:

  • Back to Suzie Q! Here, pretty much everything looks better:

  • …Sort of:

  • In this bit, Lisa Lisa has been retouched, Suzie Q is way less blurry and has been reshaded differently:

  • Suzie Q has been retouched here, and she’s a tad shorter as well:

  • Here, Lisa Lisa looks prettier and a little more worried too:

  • Back to Suzie Q…:

  • Back to Lisa Lisa…:

  • Back to BOTH OF THEM, now! Here, they’re both shorter and Suzie Q has been retouched as before:

  • Here, the background is blurrier and Joseph’s face has been retouched:

  • And here Suzie Q has been shaded differently, and a couple of lines on Joseph’s face have also been tweaked:

  • Here, most things have been either moved or scaled differently:

  • Joseph has been completely redrawn here, and Suzie Q’s upper lip is no longer shaded:

  • Joseph’s huge face and neck areas have been completely redrawn here:

  • Now it’s Suzie Q’s turn to be completely redrawn:

  • Back to Joseph! Notice also the moved background:

  • Most things have been retouched here, and both Caesar and Joseph’s heights have been adjusted (or the camera’s moved?):

  • Lisa Lisa’s face has been retouched in this +++very lewd+++ shot:

  • Ok. Alright. Look. I know that being an animator is an incredibly hard, incredibly complex job. But please. Just please. Look at this first frame. Everything’s changed, yeah. Everything’s been tweaked or moved in little ways. But that hand. Look at Caesar’s left hand. Good god:

  • Ok, here’s the rest of the frames from the same shot. Sorry, I just had to single out that hand from before:

  • And, once again… Everything’s been tweaked here. I’m not sure which version looks better:

  • In this scene, the light behind Suzie Q is way more dramatic and there’s a new motion blur-kind of effect. The bottom corners of the frame, below her arms, are also black:

  • Caesar, Lisa Lisa and Joseph have been moved and retouched in this horizontal pan:

  • In the eyecatch, Suzie Q’s upper lip has been retouched, and there’s a new blur effect on the right part of the shot:

  • The blood effects in this scene are darker:

  • Lisa Lisa has been slightly moved and retouched here:

  • As has been Caesar, here:

  • Here, the shading on the brain is slightly lighter, and Lisa Lisa’s head has been retouched as well:

  • Everything has been retouched here, and Lisa Lisa looks way more surprised:

  • This douche’s hands have been uncensored, and the bottom of the frame has a different shading here:

  • And, towards the end of the shot, there’s a much brighter light:
  • Are you ready for the most important difference you’ll ever see on this goddamn site? Are you? Well, hold on to your butts and brace yourselves, because the colon has been moved up by a few pixels:

  • Whew. What a rollercoaster. Back to less important stuff… Caesar has been retouched (again):

  • The car in the rearview mirror has been shaded much better, and it now casts a shadow too:

  • Caesar again:


  • Alright, we made it to the credits once again! Here, as it was the case in the last comparison, 亀井隆広 (Kamei Takahiro) has been added at the bottom:

Aaaand that’s it for today! Incredible… I had forgotten how it felt to do a comparison that wasn’t hundreds and hundreds of images long. I hope you enjoyed it nonetheless! Be sure to tune in next time for an in-depth look at “Battle Tendency #19 - Race to the Cliffs of Death”!


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