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Battle Tendency #20 - Caesar's Lonely Youth

Hello, ladles and jellyspoons! Welcome back to this quaint little blog where we analyze and scrutinize and pick apart our favourite Chinese cartoon! Today we’re going to take a look at Episode #20, “Caesar’s Lonely Youth”! I hope you’re ready for some drama.

Let’s get going!

  • Today’s first comparison is a video of this dude getting stepped on, which is now animated in the BD version:
  • Here, this dude’s face has been shaded differently:

  • The colouring on the same dude is looking smoother here (and a tiny teensy bit of his nose has also been retouched):

  • Here we have a brighter and sharper animation:
  • Caesar has been moved to the right by like… one pixel:

  • Another brighter and sharper animation here…:
  • Caesar is looking much smaller here! How cute:

  • In this frame, Messina’s arm is uncensored, and there’s more blood too:

  • Here, a tiny bit on Caesar’s head has been properly recoloured, and the gash on his right arm is darker:

  • Another brighter and sharper bit… Sort of:
  • Caesar’s face has been retouched here:

  • Wham has been pretty much uniformly retouched, reshaded and recoloured here, and most lines are also thicker:

  • The same differences apply here, and this transition is also way sharper:
  • And another one here…:
  • The tracks in the snow have been reshaded:

  • A bunch of things have been reshaped, retouched, recoloured, reshaded, and several other words that start with “re”:

  • Whew! That was a long series of frames. Alright, let’s move on! Here’s a brigher bit…:
  • And another brighter and sharper animation…:
  • Aaand another one here:
  • Here, Caesar’s eyes have been retouched, and now he’s casting a shadow on the snow:

  • And here, Caesar has once again been made way smaller, via the size of his shadow:

  • The back part of Caesar’s jacket has been recoloured here:

  • Messina’s arm has been uncensored once again here, and the bottom scrolling text is no longer present (as is generally the case in all BDs):

  • Oh man, I just adore when frames get completely redrawn! Look at this:

  • Alright, I’m not going to claim I know what that thing was in the TV version, that pink and brown thing on the right, but they removed it in the BDs:

  • The camera is more zoomed out here:

  • In this beautiful bit, the highlights are whiter and the dark parts are blacker, resulting in an even more dramatic scene:

  • And here, the lights are way less bright at first, but then they get waay brighter and blurrier:

  • Here, the distortion from Wham’s Divine Sandstorm is stronger:

  • Both Joseph and Lisa Lisa have been moved in this shot:

  • The shading on Wham is less dramatic here, the scratch texture overlay is a little weaker, and the two wounds on his chest no longer glow with a mysterious, overworldly glow:

  • Here, have a bunch of different lines and shades:

  • Here, Wham’s arms have been retouched, the lava in his wounds is different and the steam coming off from his body has also been redrawn:

  • And here, pretty much everything has been very subtly retouched:

  • Wham has an extra armband/strap thingie in this part here:

  • And here, a small bit on his nose has been retouched, his eyes have been shaded a little bit better, and the horn hole… thing he’s got on his forehead no longer has an outer edge:

  • In this flashback scene, everything is a little brighter and sharper, old man Zeppeli’s body is uncensored and the texture on the onomatopoeia is also a little different:

  • The background here has a little more contrast in the BDs:

  • And again here, plus a softer texture on Caesar…:

  • And, when he looks up, the background is less stylized:

  • Caesar’s upper lip has been shaded here…:

  • The colours on Joseph are softer here, and Lisa Lisa has been redrawn:

  • The camera is more zoomed out here, Wham has been retouched and reshaded in several places, his eyes are now glinting with the spark of life, the background is different, the two wounds have been added back to his chest and the spike on his left shoulder is now correctly over the shawl and no longer behind it:

  • Here, the shading on one of Wham’s little braid thingies is slightly different, and the border of his shawl has been drawn in behind the very same little braid thingie:

  • Joseph and Lisa Lisa are both a little taller and have been retouched, here:

  • Joseph now has his top teeth back:

  • This scene is brighter, sharper and has better colours:-

  • In this scene, the camera has been moved a little and both characters have been retouched pretty intensively:

  • And Joseph’s eyes tremble as well:
  • And, from here on, there will be no credits, since the BD adds a separate ending section:

  • Lisa Lisa has been redrawn here:

  • And Joseph has been moved a little bit to the right here:

  • Caesar’s blood has been moved too, here… What a sad ending to today’s comparison:

Alright, that was it for today! There wasn’t anything too major this time around, but what can you do? I hope you enjoyed the experience nonetheless!

Catch you next time for Episode #21, “The 2 vs. 100 Strategy”!


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