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Vento Aureo #25 - Spice Girl

Here we are, good folks! It’s time to take a (rather quick) look at Episode #25 of Vento Aureo, “Spice Girl”! As with the last episode, this one was looking pretty good in the broadcast version too, so don’t expect to see many differences.

Alright, let’s begin!

  • The first difference here is yet another brighter and sharper animation:

  • When Spice Girl appears, the light effects behind Trish have been recoloured pink, to match the stand’s colour scheme:

  • Let’s take a quick look at the usual brighter and sharper eyecatch for this episode:

  • This shot is more distorted along the edges, and the lights formed when Spice Girl appears have, once again, been recoloured:

  • This animation of the gang mom yelling at her gang children is now slightly brighter:

  • The white-out at the end of this (very pretty) animation is brighter:

  • Have a couple of nice brighter and sharper animation, fellas:

  • Trish is also brighter and sharper, when she transitions into the frame at the end of the previous animation:

  • Aaaand here we have some slashes with better contrast:
  • And that’s it for the gang, this time around! But let’s go take a look at what the boss is doing, shall we? Here, Abbacchio’s picture is slightly darker, and Giorno’s has been flipped (for consistency with other scenes):

  • Here, the text on that yellow paper on the floor has been resized to better fit the borders, and the map (of, presumably, Sardinia) has also been resized a little:

  • Here, there is no longer a second “frame” on the right of Trish’s picture, the corner of that second picture you can see in the bottom-right is different, and the rightmost edge of Trish’s picture is slightly darker:

  • Like before, there is no “second frame” below Trish’s picture, here:

  • The background of this very old Windows 95-like UI is no longer pink, here:

  • And, once again, Giorno’s picture has been flipped around in these shots:

And that concludes today’s second comparison! You can probably see why I decided to bundle them up and release them at the same time, as both of them didn’t offer that much material to talk about.

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I look forward to hearing from you, and in the meantime… See you soon!

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