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Vento Aureo #24 - Notorious B.I.G

Hello again, and welcome to today’s double episode! Since episodes #24 and #25 were already very high-quality in the broadcast, the BD version introduces just a few differences; as a result, I decided it was time for one of our occasional 2-for-1 deals! But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Let’s start with a quick look at Episode #24, “Notorious B.I.G”!

  • Today’s very short comparison begins with this brief Mista animation, now brighter and sharper:

  • Let’s very quickly move to the eyecatch…:

  • This other brief animation of Aerosmith shooting is also brighter and sharper…:

  • …and this scene is very slightly more zoomed-in:

And… that’s it for this episode, I’m afraid! What did I tell you? Short! But never fear, my friends… Episode #25 is already up!

See you there!

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