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Vento Aureo #20 - the Last Orders From the Boss

Hello and welcome back, friends! Sorry about the short hiatus, but as I explained in the last comparison, I have just moved to Vienna from London! Setting up the internet connection at my new place took a little bit longer than I anticipated, but here we are. So, let’s take a look at Vento Aureo #20, “The Last Orders from the Boss”, shall we?

  • Today’s first difference is this right here shot, in which pretty much everything is looking better! In detail: Abbacchio’s whole face and most of his body, Giorno’s right boob ladybug, Mista’s whole head and shoulders (like the shampoo), a line near Narancia’s left ear, Fugo’s eyes and the whole background. Phew! Check it out:

  • In this scene of our mafia boys making their way to San Giorgio Maggiore island, their boat has been moved and significantly scaled down:

  • Here, Trish has been massively retouched and the lighting on Buccellati is different; his suit and his zippers have also been retouched:

  • Abbacchio’s looking better here:

  • Stop the press, because this is THE single most important difference I’ve had to report on this gosh darn site. The COLOUR of the CAT in the background is DIFFERENT:

  • Phew. Moving on. Here, the whole lighting has been changed, the F1 button now reads “1F” instead, Buccellati has been moved and his hand no longer rests on the inside of the elevator door:

  • Here it’s the elevator that has been moved; in addition, the same lighting change applies here, and the button reads “1F” once again:

  • Here, Buccellati’s teeth are no longer a massive featureless white slab:

  • And here, the lighting is different on Trish, and a few details have been retouched as well:

  • Moving on, Buccellati’s upper lip is no longer protruding that much in the BD:

  • While here, the shading on Trish’s face is a little darker:

  • And in this series of frames, Buccellati’s mouth has been retouched and is now looking better:

  • The camera in this scene is more zoomed-in, and moves around way more:
  • Let’s go back to the past! Here, papa Buccellati’s face (the small one) is looking better:

  • While here, Buccellati and the two boats have been moved significantly, and the boats have been recoloured too:


  • Here, all three members of the Buccellati household have been slightly retouched, and the lighting on them is slightly different:

  • The overall lighting is a liiittle different here too, and a couple of lines have been retouched on Buccellati Jr. and his mom:

  • Here, there is a much stronger distortion around the edges, the cloud on the right is no longer incomplete…:

  • And the shot actually moves in the BD version, revealing two… singularly ugly boats:
  • Here, both Buccellatis have been massively retouched, and the sea behind them is looking better too:

  • And the two tourists no longer look like aliens, here:

  • Here, Buccellati’s small small face has been retouched and the clouds in the background are blurrier:

  • EVERYONE IS LOOKING BETTER HERE! EVERYONE! And that dude’s hand looks healthier too:

  • Here, Buccellati and the two nurses are much closer to the gurney:

  • Small Buccellati has a much better-looking face here (and towards the end, his suit has a missing bit of the pattern drawn in too):

  • Once again, all faces are looking better here, and the doctor’s cap and mask have been recoloured too:

  • Here we have another MINISCULE change: the very tip of Buccellati’s right hand is now under his father’s hand, and not above:

  • And here, towards the end of the same scene, the bit between his father’s index and middle finger has been shaded:

  • Here, Polpo has been completely redrawn! Buccellati and the stuff on Polpo’s table have moved too:

  • Here, Buccellati’s eyes are actually pointing at the man below him…:

  • … and, later in the same scene, his whole head has been moved a little bit too! If you move the slider fast enough you can make him dance to whatever tune you want:

  • Here, the money background is sliightly more distorted around the edges…:

  • … and the figures in the foreground move faster, because the BDs added an extra one, at the end:

  • In this shot of the interior of San Giorgio Maggiore’s belfry tower, there is a new steel beam:

  • Here, Diavolo descends the aforementioned beam slightly differently:
  • And this scene of our good boy Buccellati following him is slightly more zoomed-in:

  • Here, Buccellati has received a new aura and a darker shading towards the bottom of the frame:

  • In this shot, Buccellati and the banister behind him move in opposite directions! Neat:
  • Here, the bottom of the frame is slightly darker, Buccellati’s big zippers have a dot in the middle, and his face has been retouched:

  • In this incredibly iconic scene, all the lines on Buccellati’s arm and on his face zipper are thicker, and the cell phone is now on:

  • Here, the time on the cell phone has been changed from 05:59 to 06:14:

  • And in this other equally iconic scene, King Crimson starts further back, and has received an additional bit of animation towards the end:

  • And here, Buccellati’s face has been retouched, there’s a different, redder glow on the scene…:

  • … and, in the BD version, he stays still at the end:
  • And here ( (´;ω;`) ), there are less lines on Buccellati’s eyeball and next to his mouth, a tiny bit under his nose and between his eyebrows has been shaded properly and his pupil has also been recoloured:

And that concludes today’s comparison! Now that I’m all settled and happy in my beautiful new flat I should be able to go back to regular weekly posts, so if all things go according to plans, we should see us next week for Vento Aureo #21, “The Mystery of King Crimson”! Be there or be ERASED!

See ya!

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