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Vento Aureo #19 - White Album

Hello hello, friends! How’s it going? I’m almost done packing all my little boxes and I’m ready for my big move to Vienna, which is happening next week - so, as a heads up, I might have to go on a (hopefully) short hiatus after this comparison, until the internet has been set up at my new place. But let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves, and let’s concentrate on the present! It’s time to take a look at Vento Aureo #19, “White Album”!

Let’s get into it!

  • Today’s first comparison is this video which you have already seen in the previous comparison - here, however, the TV version is different from the previous comparison’s! Check it out:
  • Moving on to some new things… Here, Mista has been moved a little bit further down, Giorno has been re-shaded a little differently and the white parts of the punching effects are much less transparent:

  • Here, the car windows are more opaque:

  • This nice animation is brighter and sharper:
  • And here, the bit behind Ghiaccio’s head is also brighter:

  • Let’s continue with a couple more brighter bits:

  • Oh-ho, what do we have here? A completely different bit? You shouldn’t have, David:
  • This creeping ice animation is also looking different and that Mista at the end is looking… worse?:

  • But let’s go back to the good things! These three handsome shots of Mista shooting have been completely redrawn:
  • This scene has been completely redrawn as well:
  • Have another different Mista, baby:
  • Here, Ghiaccio no longer closes his mouth at the end of this animation:

  • And here we have another different scene! Woo-hoo:

  • MISTA! YOU FORGOT IT AGAIN! ALSO one line on your weird sweater thing is looking a little better:

  • Let’s take a look at the eyecatach:

  • This animation here is brighter, the shading on Giorno is different and softer and the sparkling background is more dynamic:

  • This animation is also different…:
  • This extremely handsome shot of Giorno has been basically redrawn from scratch:

  • Let’s go back to the past! Here, Buccellati’s suit pattern has been once again fixed, and the background is much brighter towards the center of the frame:

  • And here, the tables and chairs beyond the door have been moved a little more to the right, fixing that small gap that was left by mistake in the TV version:

  • Here, the suit pattern has been fixed again, and the background is much darker, especially around the bottom right corner:

  • Here, Abbacchio’s eyes have been retouched and now have their usual purple-gold colouring:

  • Back to the present! Here, this still animation (if that’s not an oxymoron) is brighter:

  • And this nice shot of Mista has received some different shading; in addition, his bullets are no longer in the chambers:

  • This animation is brighter and sharper:
  • Here, Mista’s finger has been chopped once again, and a couple of things in his sweater have been retouched too:

  • This Giorno shot is basically the same as the previous retouched one, but he’s looking so good that I just had to:

  • Oh, what a beautiful different animation to close this comparison on! What a wonderful addition to this episode! Here, feast your eyes on poor Narancia learning about the birds and the bees:
  • Let’s move to the credits! Here, The third kanji in 小池裕樹 (Koike Yūki)’s name has been corrected from 祐 to 裕 (both pronounced “yū”). It’s the fourth name from the bottom in the third row:

  • And here, 中原茉莉子 (Nakahara Mariko) has been added at the bottom of the second row, and our friend 銀 (Gin) makes his return on the right:

And that concludes today’s excursus through Vento Aureo #19! Another good episode for interesting retouches, that’s for sure… I hope you had a good time, and I’ll see you again next time - whenever that is - for Vento Aureo #20, “The Last Orders from the Boss”!

See you when I’m in Vienna!

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