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Vento Aureo #07 - Sex Pistols Appears - Part 1

Hello, peeps! Welcome to this week’s comparison. Today we’re going to take a look at Vento Aureo #07, “Sex Pistols Appears - Part 1”, the Strictly Come Dancing crossover you were all waiting for!

  • Today’s first bit is this scene with Narancia and Fugo, in which a bunch of little things have been fixed. Let’s start with Fugo’s ear and hair, which have been shaded a little differently here, and Narancia’s left eye, which is no longer glinting with life’s spark:

  • Later, the lines on both Narancia and Fugo’s nose are shorter, and the mouthflaps have been changed. With some… Mixed results:

  • Here, the shading on Narancia’s chest has been changed (and another little bit on Fugo’s hair as well):

  • And here, the shading under Fugo’s fingers is a little different:

  • Moving on, here, Narancia’s… tears? Are less orange, and the lines on both noses are shorter again:

  • The sun rays in this scene are shorter and fade away earlier:

  • Let’s get to today’s main course: the torture dance! Two brief scenes in said dance have been made brighter:
  • Let’s move on! Here, there are a bunch of different things! Abbacchio’s left eye has been properly shaded, his hair is a tiny bit shorter in the back; the string on his dress and the yellow… buttons? Holding it together have also been retouched. Zucchero’s head hasn’t escaped David pro’s mighty retouch pencils, either: there are a few less lines on his face, the mouth zip has been retouched, the hook has been redrawn (and it’s… worse?), the glasses have been retouched and the sweat bead closest to his nose is a little darker. Phew:

  • Let’s move on to the eyecatch:

  • A bunch of details on Mista’s gun are looking better here:

  • There’s an extra salami slice in this scene:

  • This bit of Sex Pistols kicking the bullet is also brighter and sharper:
  • Number 1 and Number 2 don’t cast shadows, here:

  • This short bit is also, for some reason, brighter:

  • Let’s move straight to the credits! Here, Sanda’s name has been re-written in latin characters (it was in katakana before):

And that’s it for this episode! A little more meat, a little more substance, a little more to talk about! I’m pretty sure we’ll have something real nice to compare later. I’m specifically thinking about episodes #17 and #22… We’ll see, we’ll see! In any case, I hope you had a good time, and I’ll see y’all next week for Vento Aureo #08, “Sex Pistols Appears - Part 2”!


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