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Stardust Crusaders #44 - the Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice - Part 3

Hello hello, good people! Welcome back. Today we’re going to take a quick look at Stardust Crusaders #44, “The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice - Part 3”! We’re getting ever closer to the final battle… and to the last episodes left to compare! It’s incredible to think that this four-year (!!) endeavour has almost reached its end - but let’s not get ahead of ourselves!

We have some differences to take a look at!

  • The first one is this scene of Vanilla Ice, in which the background is significantly brighter, and as a consequence the general lighting has also been tweaked:

  • In this scene of Iggy (who has clearly just finished lapping a big bowl of ketchup), some of the lighting is slightly darker:

  • Just in case you forgot what happened to Avdol, this episodes gives us YET ANOTHER flashback:

  • This scene has a whole bunch of differences! In no particular order… the dust particles flying through the air have been moved around a little, the general lighting in the background is different, Polnareff’s foot is (sliiiightly) uncensored, The Fool’s sand is much less vivid and its edges are less sharp:

  • Here, Polnareff’s foot and hand have been uncensored, and the bottom of the frame is also a little darker:

  • In this scene most things have moved up by a couple of pixels, the shading has been tweaked and the bottom of the frame is also slightly darker:

  • Here, Vanilla Ice’s forehead wound has been uncensored (and, as usual, the shading of the things around the wound has also been tweaked):

  • The uncensored wound is present here as well, as well as a new darker vignette and a tweaked general shading:

  • Here we have some slightly different dust, an uncensored hand and a darker background on the left:

  • …while here, on top of Polnareff’s uncensored leg wound (this man’s just becoming more and more like a swiss cheese, huh) Vanilla Ice’s forehead is also looking a little darker:

  • Have another handful of uncensored frames (in the second of which Iggy’s spirit dust is also looking different):

  • Vanilla Ice has got his pattern back on his right shoulder, here:

  • As is here, on top of some darker shading…:

  • …and, later on, we also get a new dark vignette along the edges of the frame and an uncensored throat wound:

  • Here, on top of the usual uncensored leg wound, we have some different shading on Polnareff, Silver Chariot, the dust cloud and some differently-coloured debris:

  • The lighting is different here, making everything look softer and overall better - and, of course, Polnareff’s mangled body is now on full display:

  • Look at that French boy. Poor thing. Also, his pants have been shaded slightly differently:

  • Here, that poor wounded boy has been once again re-shaded; on top of that, the haze that surrounds Vanilla Ice is more smoke-like in the BDs:

  • Snarky French boy is now looking gorier and slightly shadier, and the light shaft between him and Vanilla Ice is now different as well:

  • On top of the usual uncensored and re-shaded Polnareff, Vanilla Ice’s dying moments are now significantly glitterier:

  • Take a look at those gnarly wounds:

  • Why the long face, dude:

  • Now that Vanilla Ice’s gone, let’s concentrate on our good boy, who’s now looking better, uncensored, reshaded and all that good stuff we know and love:

  • Here, on top of P. Diddy’s uncensored wounds we also had some light streaming in from the wrong light source in the TV version; this has been corrected in the BDs:

  • Let’s have one last uncensored and reshaded Polnareff:

  • Let’s go back to Japan! Here, Roses and Suzi Q’s faces have been retouched to varying degrees:

  • This animation of Roses imitating Smokey Brown is now brighter and sharper:

  • Both Jotaro and Joseph have been shaded in a slightly flatter way, here…:

  • …as has Nukesaku, here:

  • And, when Star Platinum “shows up”, you can see that he’s looking a little less blurry:

  • Jotaro’s shading has been significantly tweaked here as well…:

  • Let’s move to the credits for one last difference! Here, the category 色指定 (Color Setting) has been merged with 仕上検査 (Finishing Checks), but the two names that were previously contained in 色指定 (アスリード - asread, 佐藤裕子 - Satō Yūko) are nowhere to be found, and only the contents of the second category have remained:

And that concludes this quick comparison! A little on the brief side, but y’all know what’s coming next… It’s Dio’s World, baby! I haven’t personally taken a look at the differences for the following episodes yet, but I have a feeling we’re going to have quite a lot to talk about - but enough with the anticipations! I’ll see you next time for a good look at Stardust Crusaders #45, “Dio’s World - Part 1”!

See ya!

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