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Stardust Crusaders #41 - D'Arby the Player - Part 2

Well hello there, fancy seeing you here! It’s time for another deep dive into the world of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure - and today we’re gonna conclude the clash against D’Arby junior… It’s Episode #41, “D’Arby the Player - Part 2”!

Let’s get started!

  • Today’s first difference is this shot, which is now brighter! In addition, D’Arby is also not as blurry, in the foreground:

  • Here, the spirit effects on Kakyoin are different…:

  • The shading on the Kakyoin doll has also been tweaked slightly…:

  • Here, on top of a different shading on Joseph, if you look at his left hand you’ll be able to see that he used to have six fingers - something that has been thankfully fixed in the BDs:

  • Jotaro’s also been shaded slightly differently here, a few frames later:

  • The latter frames of this animation are brighter:

  • Here, the sea and sky in the background are blurrier, and the cartridge seems to have an internal ridge (possibly to show a hypothetical label)…:

  • The final three frames of this animation are brighter:

  • Atum was affected by the curse of the six fingers too, here; this has been once again fixed in the BDs:

  • These two animations are brighter…:

  • …and this is brighter AND sharper:

  • Joseph’s slice of the frame is now more zoomed-in, here…:

  • Here, D’Arby has been slightly retouched, the background is a little brighter…:

  • …and he now opens his mouth to speak:

And that concludes this episode, this comparison and this fight (well, mostly)! Not the most exciting post, for sure, but next time we’ll take a look at the beginning of what is perhaps the best fight in all of Part 3 - join me then for a comparison of Stardust Crusaders #42, “The Miasma of the Void, Vanilla Ice - Part 1”!

See ya!

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