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Stardust Crusaders #40 - D'Arby the Player - Part 1

Howdy, fellas! Another week has gone by and, after a little bit of delay, it’s once again time for your friendly neighborhood comparisons. Today we’re going to take a look at Stardust Crusaders #40, “D’Arby the Player - Part 1”!

Without further ado, then…

  • Let’s begin with a couple of small retouches on the younger D’Arby, here:

  • The mouthflap has been adjusted in the following bits:

  • And here we start with the interesting changes! Here, the lighting/shading on D’Arby’s arms has been slightly tweaked…:

  • …and, on top of that, Atum’s no longer using his left hand to play:

  • Here, Atum’s left hand has, once again, been removed, and Terence’s arms have been moved so that they’re actually positioned on the joypad:

  • This section is for Kira Yoshikage’s eyes only:

  • This sequence is more zoomed-out (UI included), and it’s got a better contrast too:

  • Atum’s thumb is, once again, absent here:

  • As its hand is here, in the latter part of this animation; animation in whose transition Atum and D’Arby are also less transparent:

  • This animation of Kakyoin showing off his mad gamer skillz is now brighter…:

  • …and this is much sharper too:

  • This animation is, once again, just brighter:

  • Here, Atum’s eyes are twitching and his left hand is, once again, no longer there…:

  • Here, the background is blurrier (especially along the sides)…:

  • …and, when the game UI shows up later in the same scene, we can see that it was mistakenly doubled in the TV version! This has, thankfully, been corrected in the BDs:

  • Here, the BD adds an overlay of the speed meter…:

  • The end of this animation has better contrast:

  • While most of this one is much sharper and brighter:

  • Atum’s left hand is, once again, absent here:

  • Some of the writings have been changed, here:

  • Let’s take a quick look at the credits! Here, the section 3Dモデリング (3D modeling) has been added along with the two names it contains (もももワークス - Momomo Works and 川島基本 - Kawashima Motonobu), and the rest of the lines have been moved around:

And that concludes today’s quick look, friends! Another episode down, one less to go - we’re quickly (well, sort of) approaching the ending stretch here! Join me next time for a look at the conclusion of this 1337 arc, “D’Arby the Player - Part 2”!


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