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Stardust Crusaders #37 - Hol Horse and Boingo - Part 2

Hello hello, friends! Let’s pick right up where we left off with a sizable serving of differences - they will mostly deal with removed Japanese text, but hey, that’s still something! Let’s dive right into today’s episode, “Hol Horse and Boingo - Part 2”, shall we?

  • Let’s start with this nice animation of Polnareff taking out his Silver Chariot, now brighter and (slightly) sharper:

  • Here we have a couple of text differences…:

  • Here we have another brighter and sharper animation:

  • This flashback of the last episode was, once again, uncensored:

  • Here we have a big, big helping of text differences:

  • Let’s take a quick break from all that text with… some more text, accompanied by a brighter and sharper animation:

  • One more text difference:

  • Here, on top of the now no longer erased title, the book’s spine has been correctly recoloured between Boingo’s index and middle fingers:

  • Back to the grind, peeps:

  • And, at the end of the very last bit, the BD adds the usual sign that reads “Hol Horse and Boingo - Retired”:

  • Since this episode has, strictly speaking, a new ending, let’s take a super quick look at it! For some reason, the very first shot was a little dark; this has been rectified in the BDs:

And there you have it, folks! That concludes this strange duology of comparisons - and, hopefully, the last time we’ll see this kind of text-only differences! Either way, I hope you had a good time looking through these frames, and as usual, I’ll see you next time for Episode #38, “The Guardian of Hell, Pet Shop - Part 1”!

See ya!

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